Thursday 111103


10 rounds for time of:

3 Handstand push-ups
6 Deadlifts, 225# (155#)
12 Pull-ups
24 Double-unders

 Post time to comments.
Flip and Sheldon practicing for today……you should see Sheldon's handstand walks–AMAZING! 

So do you have a friend or family member that has been hearing you talk about what a blast CrossFit is and wants to try it? Maybe they've been watching you shave your hand calluses, or help you practice your handstands?  Have they been asking you about the lingo? Or are you someone who's been lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye on our website or seeing our athletes tearing down the street and secretly wanted to join us?  Well, beginning this month, CrossFit Verve will be hosting a free intro Saturday WOD on the first and third Saturdays at 11am.  Current members are welcome to join if you'd like too!

Did you know that Verve has a referral program?  Many of you have taken advantage of it and we are super grateful.  If you refer someone to CrossFit Verve and they sign up for a monthly membership, your next month is 1/2 off your current rate.  The program works on a one-to-one. One person can refer one member and receive half off of one members monthly dues.  Our next Foundations Program begins December 1st and will run through December 20th on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 730pm.

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  1. Keith :

    Go Sheldon! I miss you in the AM WODs. I need a peer my age to keep me grounded and look up to!

  2. Jim D. :

    Bradshaw subbing 135# FS for DL due to pulled hamstring.
    HSPU were difficult after yesterday’s presses and the handstand holds during competition class.
    Warmed up with 15 bar-to-belly pullups and 3:00 plank hold, so Matt won’t get made at me and disinvite me to competition class. Also, I practiced false grip hangs (working on extra credit.)

  3. Jim Duwve :

    Zink, nice time on the main site WOD.

  4. David S :

    23:27 RX

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