Thursday 111117

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:

3 Hang power snatch, 135#/95#
Then two rounds of the following:
3 Pull-ups
6 Push-ups
9 Box jumps, 20" 

Post rounds and additional reps to comments.


Brooke in Istanbul at Tapkapi Palace right outside the entrance to the haram.

"So, I did a little traveling recently and as we all know when travel takes you to a faraway land where Crossfit does not exist one must persevere.  Pre-trip recon lead me to the understanding that in Turkey I would not be Crossfitting with the Turks as I had hoped.  So instead I brought crossfit to Turkey. At each stop we made I jumped rope to wake up the legs.  You should have seen the joy and excitement a simple jump rope brought my co-travelers as well as the many Turkish folks observing such a silly practice.  I don’t think my rope has seen that kind of action in like FOREVER!!  I taught single unders to amateurs and double unders to the more adventurous.  They enticed me to do double jumping, with another person in the rope with me, and double criss-crosses.  So cool!  I wanted to do a handstand at one of our historical sites to post for y’all, but it ended up being multiple stands at multiple sites.  Who knew handstands were so loved by the crowd?  Imagine if they could see a one of my amazing Crossfit peers doing something truly amazing! Anyway Turkey was incredible, a place not to miss!"  

Speaking of Turkey……..

This Saturday, November 19th is the MBS CrossFit Annual Turkey Challenge in Broomfield!  Multiple Verve athletes and trainers will be competing.  Also, many of you are kind enough to be volunteering Saturday at the event to make sure it runs smoothly.  A big hats off to all of you spending your Saturday to participate in the bigger community of CrossFit!  Information for athletes, volunteers and spectators alike can be found here.  Also, both the individual and team events have been announced and look like fun all around!  

If you are competing, volunteering, or cheering and are interested in carpooling up to MBS, please post your info to comments, including times and locations of departures.  


  1. Matt :

    Competing and willing to drive a couple folks! I don’t know what time the event starts, but it takes roughly 30 minutes to get to MBS from my house.
    Cool pic Brooke!

  2. Dan Y. :

    Cool Brooke!

  3. Slaughter :

    Brooke this is so cool! I absolutely love the pic and it’s so awesome to see your travels!
    I’ll also be traveling to MBS on Saturday to do the challenge. Matt i’ll ride with ya, i’m looking forward to how close on your heels I can stay 😀

  4. robyn :

    Hi all competitors,
    Ali and myself will be meeting at my house at 6:30 to leave for MBS, we are in the first 2 heats so want to get a good spot for our team gear. We will leave bright and early and can take 2-3 more riders if anyone wants to join us. Call or text me if you would like to join us 970-412-4307, and I can get my address to you.
    Super excited!!! Gobble Gobble:)

  5. Leslie :

    I will be there in the morning volunteering but will be leaving no later than 3pm. See you there!!

  6. Danni :

    John and I will be helping out Friday evening, and we will also be arriving there early Saturday morning to volunteer. We are leaving from Arvada if anyone needs a ride, we can fit a few people in our vehicle.

  7. Leslie :

    Actually- I will be there both friday afternoon and Saturday from 8-3. If anyone else is going at that time from the Highlands- let me know and we can carpool 🙂
    PS- I also have 2 extra tickets to Warren Miller Saturday at 6pm. If anyone wants to go let me know

  8. Hanna K :

    Leslie, can I ride with you Sat? I’m also in the highlands and volunteering Sat. 8 till 3 works great. Shoot me a txt with a time & place to meet if the offer stands 720 250 7845. Thnx!

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