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Don't you go worrying about the WOD, just be thankful for your amazing health and get in here and get it done.  We promise you'll love it!

Post time or reps or loads to comments.


Get together with some friends and family today.

What is it that you'd like to try this winter? Any new sport or existing sport that you just want to spend more time doing?

I'm thinking ice fishing would be an absolute hoot.  Other then the fact that I hate being cold, what a great skill to have if ever my husband takes me on an adventure we can't quite get out of soon enough.  Here are some things I learned about ice fishing.  Time to do it: January – March.  Where? Grand Lake or Gunnison are known for ice fishing.   I think I'll be smart and go with a guide.  Otherwise, I'm sure we'd fall in.  Looks like the cost is between $150-$300 per day.  It's gonna have to be one of those trips that we plan ahead so that we can save a little.

Who's in? What are you all planning this winter?

Happy Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for each and every one of you, more than you could ever know.

Too much love – Verve

Please check the schedule for changes with this weeks classes.


  1. Patrick M :

    I know several Fishing Guides in the Gunnison area. THey ice fish on Taylor rez and Blue Mesa.
    Not sure what the deal is for the winter ice fishing, but tell them I sent you they might be able to figure something out.
    Ben Furimsky
    Mark day

  2. Julie H. :

    Would definitely be interested in an ice fishing trip! If in the Gunnison area, would love to also do some skiing in Crested Butte if possible.

  3. Leslie :

    Hut Trip!!!

  4. Kiley :

    Ice fishing is sooo much fun!! I’d be down to go on an adventure w/ the verve family 🙂 — Blue Mesa is the best spot to go.

  5. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my extended family. 🙂 Each and every one of you has made a difference and for that I’m thankful.
    Thank you for EVERYTHING! Heart you people.

  6. Danni :

    Thank you all for an awesome start to our Thanksgiving! That was a fun morning, with such great people 🙂

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