Thursday 111208

20 Rep Max
Back Squat

Followed by: 

5 X 3 Speed Deadlifts 
3 X 8 Bulgarian split squats 
3 X 8 Glute ham raises 

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Mary Catherine with hips open at the top of her box jump.  Welcome to Verve!

So, here it is Wednesday night and you all are probably already looking forward to the weekend.  Maybe you're thinking, "Hey, what kind of cool/fun/legal trouble can I get myself into this weekend?"  

Inquiring minds want to know and plan accordingly…  CrossFit Verve is hosting the amazing Carl Paoli this weekend for his Freestyle Connections Gymnastics Seminar on Saturday and Sunday.  So this affords you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sun-filled weather in Denver with Outside WODs on both days this weekend.  

Saturday's WOD: WOD at 9am, located at our old stomping grounds at Commons Park. Sign up on MBO and meet at 18th & Little Raven.  

Sunday's WOD: WOD at 10am, but we'll take you south for some new scenery, to Washington Park.  Sign up on MBO and meet at the boathouse.

Also, don't forget about the infamous CrossFit Verve Holiday Extravaganza happening at your very own Verve on Saturday evening.  Festivities will begin at 7pm.  The PaleoWagon will be providing a delicious dinner, so come hungry!  Beverages, dessert all provided.  We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces there.  Dress is casual, bring your family and be ready to have a blast.

 Sumo suits, Giant Jenga, Bungee Runs, Bouncer Twister, and a giant Velcro Wall.  Let's see your superpowers on Saturday night, Ververs!


  1. robyn :

    I am so excited for the holiday party I can hardly stand it:)!!!!

  2. Rob B :

    If you’re on the fence for seminar w/ Carl…
    I took it last time he was at Verve and it was great.
    As he noted in his initial comments “this isn’t a gymnastics session per se, it’s how to move body weight.”
    He starts with push-ups and goes through a lot of the basic movements (hollow rocks, squats, pull-ups) really focusing in on the most stable and efficient technique. Does work up to HSPUs and muscle-ups.

  3. Phil :

    Looking forward to the party! I’m signed up for the Sunday Trainer session since I can’t make the Saturday. Watching a 5 minute video helps me tremendously, so I’m excited to work with him in person.

  4. Supah Stah!!!

  5. David S :

    195 FS

  6. David S :

    Back Squat

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