Thursday 111229

For quality:
15 minutes of rope climb practice
Accumulate five minutes in a bridge
100 plank change-overs for time

These stations may be completed in any order.  Perfect your art and your strong midline.

Post time and accomplishments to comments.

Happy Ververs on the catwalk! 

Why train your flexibility?  What’s in it for you today?
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Eliminate awkward and inefficient movements
  • Decrease muscle stiffness, leading to an increase in range of motion
  • Pain relief
From the Gymnastics WOD… to bridge:
Lie flat on your back
Bend arms and put them on the ground by your ears, with forearm vertical to the floor
Bend knees and bring your feet in, placing feet flat on the ground
Press through shoulders and drive through hips to to raise your body off the floor
Reach full extension in the hips with legs straight as you push your head through your arms
Finish the bridge up with arms vertical to the floor and the rest of the body in full extension

Note: You can scale this exercise by placing feet flat on a higher surface (step, box, wall) and/or have a partner stand by your hands to spot your shoulders on the press up.

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