Thursday 111301

7K Row

Post time to comments.

Going overhead is so cool and Nick is no exception.

Challenge updates:

Thursday: Today from 3:30pm to 4:45pm get your photos/vitals and measurements.
Competition starts, we will have sign-up forms and a points cheat sheet. Also come in at 11am – noon and get your photos/vitals and measurements. 
Sunday: Bloodwork/photos/vitals/measurements.  All slots for bloodwork are full, but come in to get your photos/vitals and measurements

Wednesday: 5:30am – 8:30am bloodwork slots every 10 minutes.  If all these are full we'll add another opportunity on Friday. Also get your photos/vitals and measurements.


  1. CueBall :

    Curious as to whom is doing the Warrior’s Dash and at what time frame? Would like to do it again with a bunch of Ververs like last year!!

  2. CueBall :

    And Cherie thank you for another awesome nutrition lecture, reminding me why it’s so important and learning something new each time!

  3. Dan Y :

    Is Nick’s bar bent?

  4. Sarah Lev :

    Dear 6 AM slackers/cherry pickers-
    Mas said there were 10 of you signed up before the WOD was posted…funny how there were only 4 of us there this morning! I mean I hate rowing as much as the next person…That is right the gauntlet has been thrown! 🙂
    Little Lev
    PS Mas- thank you for the lessons on the white board, sure helped pass the time…I am sure one day your whiteboard skills will be up to Zac’s high standards!

  5. Greg B :

    Dan get your mind out of the gutter!

  6. Nick :

    That is officially the worst picture ever taken of me? Side note….is worst a word? Not only do I look like Sloth from the goonies…I share his IQ. Thanks VERVE! Ha-ha.

  7. Mas :

    Couple more full stall mats just went back on the market @ Verve! $25 per mat 1st come 1st served. Cash and carry no delivery.

  8. Jeremy :

    30:46. Eeeeesh.

  9. Erin :

    Thanks Cherie! That was a fun challenge!

  10. Cueball :

    30:22 dampener at 6

  11. Joylyn :

    32:24…avg 500split was 2:18…..18srm

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