Thursday 120112

On the minute, every minute for 15 minutes, complete 2 power cleans

Post loads to comments.

All.I.Can teaser.

Coming to Verve Sunday January 15th at 6pm is movie night.  

The first showing will be: All.I.Can.  This film was 2 years in the making with unrivaled jaw-dropping time-lapse cinematography.  Even if you are not a ski buff, this movie is worth the watching.   “Producers Mossop and Crossland’s nature shot opening sets the tone for a film that aims to make apparent the connection between the sport of skiing and the environment of which it takes advantage.  The film doesn’t open up with a heavy-handed “green” message, it just shows the world for what it is in all its natural glory.  Nature, urban landscapes and industrial shots worthy of Edward Burtynsky all whip by, startling in their intense clarity.  And after that stunning prelude, the Sherpas let loose with some of the tightest, sickest ski footage seen to date in a ski movie.” – Mark Quail 

So bring your camping chairs, a pillow, your family, or a friend and come join us for the show. 



  1. bjackson :

    Great class today!! You were wondering if these kinds of classes and little drills help us at all in our practice. I just wanted to say I LOVE these classes where we have the oppertunity to work our technique and form instead of powering through a hundered of these in 15 seconds (although that can be fun as well). The drills really help me to strenghten my weaknesses, and since i’m a premature puller from way back, todays drilling and pace was awesome. I would love to see more classes that work the load in this way sprinkled in with our HOLY SHIT THIS IS KICKING MY ASS classes ( I think that’s the technical name for them)!
    Thanks agian for a great class!!!

  2. Greg B :

    I agree and the instruction was exceptional! Thanx for being and having some of the best damn coaches EVER!

  3. CrossFit Verve :

    Thank you guys – It was Matt’s programming. Look for more of it to come in February 🙂

  4. G :

    I would agree with above, great to work on positioning. LOVED it. Looking forward to more.

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