Thursday 120209

Three Rounds: 

12 Bench Press, 205# (125#)
500m Row

Rest 1min between rounds

Post time to comments.

Nick fresh out of foundations, killing the rope climbs

“The researches of so many eminent scientific men have thrown so much darkness upon the subject that if they continue their researches we shall soon know nothing” – Artemus Ward

I would like to clarify something from the start of this post.  I do not claim to have the answers. I am not a doctor nor scientific researcher.  What I know is from experience and antidotal evidence alone.  It is from that place that I draw my own conclusions and I challenge you to continue on your own journey using yourself as a laboratory, it is the only way for us to know our truth.

Blood cholesterol levels and there link to our health.  I have observed over the years that the Paleo diet can cause an increase in overall cholesterol in some people.  Not in all, many actually see lower cholesterol, but some see higher LDL.  This is scary for some as that has historically been seen as lousy cholesterol or the cholesterol we don’t want.  

So  the question is why does that happen and is it a health risk?

Blood cholesterol is much more of a matrix then simply the two labels HDL and LDL.  Within each type there is also particle size and other lipoproteins profiles.  Only some of which are actually linked to increased CVD.  

“A diet-disease question that has become contentious in recent years is saturated fats and the role they might play in the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease.  The traditional view has been that certain saturated fats down regulate the LDL receptor and thereby increase plasma concentrations of LDL cholesterol, which in turn increases the risk of coronary artery disease.  It is being recognized that this traditional model of atherosclerosis and CAD is overly simplistic, primarily because CAD is a multifactorial disease involving numerous dietary and genetic factors acting in concert with one another.  The dietary glycemic load, the omega6/ omega3 fatty acid balance, chronic inflammation, trans fatty acids, homocysteine, alcohol intake, exercise, smoking and numerous other dietary and lifestyle factors play key roles in the pathogenesis of CAD“. – Dr. Lorin Cordain’s Phytochemicals Nutrient Gene Interaction.

One thing that is certain is that we all have (or most of us and if we don’t then our families do) a belief in the fat hypothesis.  That fat will make us fat and cause cardiovascular disease.  The evidence just does not support this hypothesis and while the medical community is slowly embracing this fact.  Heart disease and obesity are increasing in our society that consumes less and less fat then it did 30 years ago.  But the problem has not gone away, it has increased.  

“Our cholesterol levels have been declining, and we have been smoking less, and yet the incidence of heart disease has not declined as would be expected. That is very disconcerting, it suggests that something else bad is happening…

“What’s forgotten in the current controversy is that the low-fat dogma itself is only about 25 years old. Until the late 70’s, the accepted wisdom was that fat and protein protected against overeating by making you sated, and that carbohydrates made you fat.  – What if it’s all been a Big Fat Lie – Gary Taubes  (This is a must read)

So where does this leave us?  I think it is important to know what is happening in your body.  If your cholesterol is going up due to a Paleo diet, it maybe be because of an introduction of high Omega 6 foods like almonds or saturated fats like coconut oil.  Is that bad? I would argue that it is not and does not produce the low density LDL that is a HD risk factor. I would also argue that if you stopped eating a paleo diet and switched to a vegetarian diet say, you would not decrease your chances of HD or decrease you cholesterol.  As we’ve seen low protein and low fat diets produce high cholesterol.

So again where does that leave us?  For me, I will continue to track as many health markers as make sense.  I will make changes and modifications to my lifestyle, diet and exercise and I strive to reach my best health possible.  Cholesterol being a marker, but only one small marker in a much bigger picture.  The Paleo and Zone diet are a launching pad to a healthy nutritional plan.  It is not the only way and many, many, many people have made small changes here and there to make these prescriptions fit their needs and desires.  For instance I recently upped by blocks by 3 per day and immediately lost 5 pounds.  Clearly that was a good decision.  A few months ago I eliminated all fruit and vegetable, while it was easier for me to stick to, I was sluggish and didn’t have the energy I needed.  That was a bad decision.  You tweak and experiment and you go back to the baseline when you need to to reset the system.  

While nutrition is a growing science, I can tell you one thing.  If you are eating real food and moving your body you will be far healthier then if you didn’t and from there we can make it right for you!


  1. James (O.G.) :

    If I signed up for class when it was still 185# for the bench press can I be grandfathered in at that weight?

  2. Greg B :

    Thank goodness for scalability. That is all.

  3. MrLeet :

    I’m sure this has been posted and read numerous times by the CF community;

    Some points I agree with – I love CF, period. And I love the things it allows me to do. I no longer have to ride 3-4 hours a day. I now ride 1-2 hours and focus on skills.

    However, I won’t be swayed by the priority (albeit unofficial) given to time or prescription over form and function. Emphasis on function – I want to remain functional for a long time

  4. Cherie :

    Sorry James – I didn’t’ realize it was posted while I was still typing it!

  5. Leslie :

    Anyone interested in skiing Sunday? I have an Epic pass but can be talked into WP if someone with a pass will let me use a discounted ticket.

  6. Jordan :

    First Muscle Up today!

  7. Darika :

    Awesome, Jordan!

  8. Jim D, :

    Jordan got his fist second and third muscle ups today. Once he started he was unstoppable. Great work Jordan you put a lot of effort into getting it.

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