Thursday 120301

For time:
Row 1000m
Rest 3-5 minutes
Row 750m
Rest 2-4 minutes
Row 500m

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Tuesday am endurance class breathing heavy

Best Shape of My Life – Performance increase Winners!

Okay seriously these changes are amazing!  And now it’s time that we’ve identified the winners of performance increase category.  This category was not hard to judge.  It was hard numbers.   We still can’t believe how many people saw amazing results. Logging workouts is such an amazing way to keep your selves motivated, see what can happen in just 4 short weeks.

The winner of the women’s category of largest change in performance is Valerie Martin!

Valerie first did Chelsea with 3-6-9 a green band and knees with 4 rounds 6 reps.  After the 4 week challenge Valerie completed Chelsea with 4-8-12 a green band and knees with 24 rounds.  Thats and increase in 594 reps in 4 weeks.  Do I need to tell you how amazing she is? Congrats Valerie, here’s to a long journey ahead.

The winner of the Men’s category of largest change in performance is Mike West!

Mike first did Chelsea as Rx and finished with 12 rounds pre challenge.  After the 4 week challenge Mike completed Chelsea with 30 rounds.  That’s an increase in 540 reps in 4 weeks.  Do I need to tell you how amazing that is? Congrats Mike, you are so dedicated and it shows in your amazing improvements.

Valerie and Mike win one free month at Verve, all of their Challenge money returned (minus bloodwork), and their choice of one Verve apparel item.  The changes you see above were accomplished in four weeks time!  Imagine what you can do to your health and wellness if you employ the dietary tactics for life!  I hope you join us in congratulating Valerie and Noah on their hard work.


  1. Matt :

    Congrats Valerie and Michael!!!!

  2. Patrick M :

    You guys rock for sure. Holy cow that is a lot of big increases in reps!!!!

  3. Jeremy :

    Congrats you two; stellar work!

    Man, don’t know if anyone else has trolled the Twitter or FB for reaction, but people are seriously jammed up about WOD 12.2. I agree it’ll be a rough one… but hey- this is CrossFit!

    • Patrick M :

      ROugh is an understatement. But what I lose this week (ego, points, throw up) will be made up next week with some sort of crazy wod. People do complain a lot though. It’s weird.

  4. Sonja :

    It seems like a pretty cool workout to me, both possible for almost anyone and extremely challenging. The only thing is there will probably be large bunches on the leaderboard around 30, 60, and 90 reps.

  5. rob b :

    I for one am impressed with the design of 12.2. As Sonja pointed out it will be possible for the majority but also allow provide the differentiation necessary to narrow down a field of 50,000 enough for regionals. Kudos to HQ or whomever for the thought put into it!

    And, to steal a line from Amundson – be sure to go into w/ the mindset of “this will be the first time I snatch __# ” (fill in whichever one seems a bit too much) instead of “i’ll never get that”. Knock out the “easy” ones, take a rest, visualize the technique you need and go for it!

    Go Verve!

    PS K-Star has a focused pre-12.2 mobility wod up today on (I’m sure Verve will give us equally one as well but a day headstart can’t hurt.)

  6. Valerie :

    Whoa – was checking out the WOD for today as I’m scheduled for the 7:00pm class. Had NO IDEA I was even close to winning the “highest change in performance” category. I joined Crossfit in November and have enjoyed it more than I can say, it’s been life changing – this is just the icing on the cake! Thanks for all of the kind words here, and during both rounds of dang Chelsea, had a lot of great support during those:) Thanks everyone, you rock!

  7. Valerie :

    Apologies for bringing up icing and for bringing up cake. I’m a rookie.

  8. Greg B :

    I look forward to the challenges of every WOD that the open throws out there. For those that are upset or complaining ask Matt about the, you never know WTF they are gonna throw your way. Do your best give your all and set personal records. I never would have guessed that I could do that many burpeees in a weekend but I did. You can do things that were previously thought “un-doable”. Above all else have fun with it.

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