Thursday 120705

Bench press

65% x5 reps
75% x5 reps
85% x5 reps +

50 – 35 – 20 reps for time of:
Hand release push-ups
Ring rows

Use your spreadsheets for the bench press as the percentage is not actual. 2012StrengthProgramSheet.

Post time and loads to comments or BTWB.

Just Be Awesome!

The new gear is Awesome, thanks to the artwork of Thom Glick.

The ever-goodlooking Verve drip T's are back in.

There are also tanks, unisex gentlemen so don’t be shy.  Suns out guns out! Get your gear while it’s hot.  


  1. CrossFit Verve :
  2. Andy E :

    Watch Jillian and Bob in the follow up WOD….best line ever…”Oh its heavan Bob”. Yes Bob, after a great WOD – crossfit is heaven!

  3. CrossFit Verve :

    Where sis you find the follow up?

  4. Andy E :
    Personally, I think their head position needs work on the deadlifts and I think their push press needs a little work.

  5. Des :

    Lookin’ good ladies!! I miss you all so much!!

  6. Cherie :

    Desiree – We Miss you too!

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