Thursday 120712

Start by taking 5% off 1RM bench press, then add 5#

Bench press
70% x3 reps
80% x3 reps
90% x3 reps +

Then, complete three rounds, each for time:

Row 500m
Rest 3:00

Post loads and times to comments and BTWB.

Matt in the zone during the surprise day of competition.

Matt is currently in 8th place overall after the first (surprise) day of competition.  The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games brought being prepared for the unknown to a new level by announcing an early start to the individual competition on Wednesday at Camp Pendleton, which was closed to coaches and the public.  The competitors raced down the beach to collect swim fins before running into the Pacific surf.  After a 700-meter swim, their next tasks were an 8-kilometer bike ride and an 11.3-kilometer run/hike through Pendleton’s hills.  Event 1 was scored as the athletes passed the 150m mark into the run/hike.  Matt took 3rd place!  He maintained an incredible pace (consistently wowing the commentators “for a guy of his size”), showed the humble spirit that we all know and love in his sportsmanship and crossed the finish line with a 17th place in Event 2.  Finally, the athletes competed in heats with their peers as they tackled the marine base Obstacle Course.  Matt narrowly missed moving on in the brackets and finished with a 21st place.

Thursday is a rest day for the athletes.  All the competitors will arrive Friday at the Home Depot Center to show the world who is the Fittest.  We can’t wait to see the drive and determination pay off for Matt, Jim Duwve and Addie as the weekend progresses!

Please share your words of encouragement in the comments here, on Facebook, Twitter or in person!

Random rowing wisdom 101.

1. Foot stretchers, if you are coming off of your seat, raise your foot stretchers.

2. Going faster does not mean going back and forth faster.

3. Reach as far as you can toward the machine with the handle.

4. Power comes from the hips and quads.

5. Don’t let the seat hit your heels, if it does, lean forward.

6. Make sure your hands extend before the knees bend.

7. Relaxed grip on the handle.

8. Think one, two, forward then drive.

9. Keep head up and relaxed.

10. Do a quarter, half, and then full stroke to start your row.

Happy Rowing!



  1. Leslie :

    I was just thinking we haven’t rowed in awhile…. jinx!

    Matt- I had a weird day at work and got the chance to listen to most of the live stream. As frustrating as it was I hopefully was able to update some people as to your status. I nominate myself next year to be the official Crossfit Games Twitter- I would do a much better job 😉

    Anywhoo, You killed it. You are killing it. You will kill it. This is such a crazy anything is possible, anything can happen year and it will be the best time ever. I’m just sad that I have to listen/cyber stalk in order to join in the fun!! Have a great time!

  2. Jeff :

    I listened in today on the stream and it was great to hear how much they talked about you Matt. Its an inspiration and had to be brutal based on what we were hearing. I can’t imagine running / hiking what you guys did in the heat, and after swimming and biking. It makes me want to try a triathlon just to see if I could even get through the swim. Can’t wait to see what you do this weekend and it is great to be part of Verve and seeing the accomplishments you guys are making. Have fun, cause that is what its about!

  3. Amy! Did you adopt my driving technique of ramming people who get in your way on the way to the gym?! No worries, it’s just evidence of your dedication to the process. Glad you’re OK!

  4. I’ve done several sprint tris in a lake and can only imagine the added elements of the slapping waves in the ocean. I consider myself a fairly good swimmer (did swim team for years) but the ocean still freaks me out b/c of its unpredictability. So, that just makes it all the more impressive-especially for those athletes who were truly not experienced swimmers in still water, let alone open water. Talk about getting over obstacles to get the work done. Excellent work on all fronts!

  5. Mike :

    Matt, isn’t a splendid thing to love someone not because you know that person through an investment to time but just because of his/her being, just being himself or herself. It’s such an awesome thing – its palpable, you can taste – all paleo, all zone, all good. Thanks for the last three years Matt and Cherie and thanks for gathering around you the Verve.

  6. Charlie :

    Wow! Congratulations Matt. Strong work, keep it up.


  7. All, regarding today’s WOD. I’m signed up but I am unable to bench AND row until I see the doc re: my forearm strain on the 20th. I’ll be showing up to the gym but I think I’m going to run and do something else. “That being said,” I won’t be using a rower which opens up a space for someone who can. I think I’m going to just withdraw from the schedule and show up but do my own deal on the side (run) while ya’ll are crushing the row. If the trainer of the day sees this, let me know what you you prefer. I don’t think it’s fair to hold up a space I won’t be using, officially.

  8. Jeremy :

    Just a quick comment to express my admiration to Matt, Jim and Addie for all of you’ve accomplished, as well as all you have yet to achieve. It has and continues to be both a pleasure and honor to share the space at Verve with you. CrossFIt is all the better with individuals such as yourselves representing the sport at its highest level.

    Now, go get what you deserve!

  9. Emily :

    Way to go you are such an inspiration to me and all of us here at Verve! Keep up the strong work and we will all celebrate with you and Cheri when you are back no matter what!

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