Thursday 120816

Start by taking 5% off 1RM bench press, then add 10#

Bench press
75% x5 reps
85% x3 reps
95% x1 reps +

Followed by:

Three rounds for time:
15 Power clean, 135#(95#)
15 GHD sit-up

Post loads and times to comments or BTWB.

Dan – Doin’ what he does!





















What inspires or motivates you?

Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet people that inspire us.  It’s not always easy to explain why they inspire us, but they do.  Dan is one of those people for me.  I’m not sure if it’s his infection and amazing attitude or his willingness to try anything, but I am alway happier after spending a few minutes or a class with Dan.  He defies what we perceive as possible and for that, he inspires. Thank you Dan, whether you realize it or not you have given us all a gift.

What inspires all of you? Please post to comments and or link videos! 


  1. CrossFit Verve :

    Anyone have a referral for a landscaper? Our retaining wall is falling down 🙁 – Cherie

    • Jenn :

      You could try Paul at Sooner Landscaping – 303-323-5066. He’s done some good work for me at a reasonable price. Not sure if he would remember me, but you could say Jenn at the grey house in the Highlands with the dog run that has artificial turf sent you 🙂

  2. Brian Bucholtz :

    What a fantastic pic! Very inspiring!

  3. Jen M. :

    I feel the same way about Dan!!!

  4. richard :

    I find this inspiring lets do this as our next WOD !

  5. Fiorella :

    Dan truly is the man!

  6. P.S. Dan did that little anchor tattoo by his knee on himself too! Cause he ain’t scared o nothin!!!

  7. Leslie :

    I have used Marko at Highlands Landscaping- he removed a tree stump and fixed my patio steps. He came in way under the other bids and did a great job.
    Marko: 303-888-8802

  8. Ali :

    Save the boobies!

    Hey all! Here is a fun team event! Crossfit Unbroken is hosting an event for teams of two (girl/girl; boy/boy; or boy/girl). All proceeds goes to Barbells for Boobs. It includes 3 workouts in one day. There are scaled divisions too. I just got signed up! Check it out on facebook as the “Rhinos and Unicorns” event.!/events/407932975931345/

  9. Leslie :

    Also- I think I told a few of you about ariel classes I took awhile ago- 9 news just did a thing on it. This would be fun to try sometime 🙂

  10. CrossFit Verve :

    Thanks Guys we’ll call them both – CC

  11. Luke :

    Dan. Crushing it.

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