Thursday 120920

Start by taking 5% off 1RM bench press, then add 5# and chains

Bench press
75% x5 reps
85% x3 reps
95% x1 reps +

Followed by:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12:00 of:
Row 250m
12 Deficit push-ups
15 Lateral jumps, 30″(24″)

Use 45# plates on each side for men’s push-ups and 35# plates for the ladies.

Post loads and rounds to comments or BTWB.

Great positioning Linda!

The movements we choose in CrossFit are Compound Yet Irreducible

Functional movements are multi-joint, whole body movements.  Rather than isolating movements to any one or two joints, functional movements take a system of joints through a full range of motion.  These movements are found everywhere in life, which is what makes training them so crucial to independent living. For example, lie on the floor and count the number of joints you use to lift yourself to a standing position.  This is why we rarely use isolation exercises – the sum is greater than it’s parts.


  1. OK, so when is the send off party for the Chans? What about a BBQ and potluck at the gym? They have to get an official send off!

  2. Fernanda :

    Why??? Where are they going?

  3. amy :

    I second that, Where the heck are they going ??????????????

  4. Cherie :

    Hey Guys –

    We’re leaving on a long trip starting in November. We’ll be here though so no need for a send off, but BBQ’s are amazing and fun, however, we work every weekend on the seminar staff. So if ya’all happen to have a BBQ during the week, we’re there!


  5. Leslie :

    Could we do a special Thrusday night WOD/BBQ?

  6. Fernanda :

    Hmmm, love BBQ! Next Thursday? :-p

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