Thursday 121101

Three rounds of:
10 Thrusters, 115# (75#), 20 double-unders
8 Thrusters, 125# (85#), 20 double-unders
6 Thrusters, 135# (95#), 20 double-unders
4 Thrusters, 145# (105#), 20 double-unders
2 Thrusters, 155# (115#), 20 double-unders

This WOD is performed in one-minute intervals. You have 1 minute to accomplish each task of thrusters and double-unders before moving to the next.

Post times to comments or BTWB.

Kristine Loo, leaving us after a summer of fun, for bigger and better things. Take care Kristine!

Thoughts from a Surprised CrossFitter–Michelle W.

I had an abscessed tooth last week and was pretty sick. I didn’t come to the gym for a week and I missed it! I really missed it!  I couldn’t have been more surprised!

Let me explain. About a year ago, I realized that I was too fat and way out of shape…a problem for many reasons.  I started exploring different fitness options and couldn’t find anything that worked for me…couldn’t dance in Jazzercise, there is no way that could have been a beginner Yoga class, everybody seemed to get Pilates but I still don’t think that I was doing it right.   You get the picture. (In all of the different things that I tried, nobody was encouraging or even very welcoming.  Of course, once I came to Verve that all changed! )

Last April, I thought that perhaps I would try CrossFit and it was my good fortune to call Verve and talk to Joylyn. (I don’t think I really knew what it was because if I had I am sure that I would have chickened out.)   A Foundations class was just starting and that segued into the Skilz class.  I have wanted to quit many times…the time Matt Chan was trying to help me with push-ups and I burst into tears; or when I fell on top of Zink trying to do med ball cleans; or when Mas had to rescue me from the cargo net.  I jumped rope like little girls at recess and I couldn’t squat!  Thanks to the encouragement of everyone, all the trainers’ expertise and lots of extra help from Luke, I am much, much better.  Although it probably looks like a comedy skit when I work out, I’m okay with that.  I still have to make modifications to the WODS and have a very long way to go but my day–to-day life is so much better because of Cross Fit. 

I have lost some weight.  My belly is flatter and my ass is getting smaller. My posture is improved.   My clothes fit better and it isn’t soul-crushing to shop for clothes.  I feel more at home in my body.  My self-esteem is improved. I am proud of myself. 

I take the stairs now.   The last time that I went to a concert at Red Rocks, I just got out of the car and walked up the hill. I don’t spend time looking for the closest parking spot.   I had a client faint in my clinic and I was able to lower her to the ground so she didn’t hit her head. 

One Saturday a month, we do a children’s immunization clinic at the Hoffman Heights, Aurora Fire Station.  I have to bring most of the supplies.  Before I started CrossFit, it took me forever to load my car.  I had to use carts to move everything.  Now, I just carry all the coolers and stuff out to the car, including the portable freezer that weighs about 100#!  It is awesome! 

So encourage all the middle aged women you care about to try CrossFit.  It may not always be pretty but it is so worth it. 

Thank you everyone!  Peace, Michelle.

Remember, come in and get your WOD on today before the Dr. Cordain lecture tonight!  

Sign up for WODs in the schedule under the Seminars tab (free for all Verve members).  WOD heats will run start every 20minutes beginning at 3:40pm and ending at 5:40pm.  Trainer-led warm-ups will run every half hour beginning at 3:30pm.  WODs are scalable for every athlete, so please join us for the fun!  

Caveman Cafeteria will be in attendance from 5-7pm out front with great food!  And Mile High Organics will be onsite from 4-7pm with discounts as well.  See you there!  Cost to stay for the lecture is $35 for Verve members and $40 for nonVerve members (includes a drop-in WOD.)   


  1. Leslie :

    Great post Michelle! You have been working hard and I have noticed a bit less of you in class. Hope you feel better. Just so you know- I have never RXed a WOD with weight and I have been at Verve for almost 2 years. Everyone progresses at their own rate and some people start out with crazy skills, others used to have them and forgot, and others have to learn from scratch. We are all works in progress- just trying to progress to the right side of Cherie’s chart!

    btw.. PRed my back squat tonight by over 20lbs! 103lbs!

  2. slaughter :

    Thank you so much for sharing Michelle! We love getting to work out with you at Verve!!!!!!!!

  3. slaughter :

    Congratulations to Leslie!! She made 103 look easy!!

  4. CrossFit Verve :

    Michelle, just keep being your bad self. Everyday we get through and improve is a success, to whatever degree.
    Leslie, props.
    Kristene, be safe, have fun, take care.

    – Luke

  5. Sara W. :

    Thanks for the inspiring post Michelle! You are amazing! So glad you are a part of our community.

  6. Patrick M :


    Thanks for sharing. I love seeing you at the gym kicking ass every time. It’s a joy to hear about how becoming stronger has made life easier. CHeers to your great work


  7. Jeremy :

    Michelle, It’s awesome to hear about all of the changes you’ve made… all thanks to your own will & hard work! Excellent job & keep it up!

  8. Lynn :

    Michelle, you have come a long way! Congratulations on your journey so far!

  9. Courtney :

    Kristine, it was awesome to meet you. Best of luck to you!!

    Leslie, CONFRATS!!! That is a huge PR, you are one strong lady!!

    Michelle, I’m so happy you found Verve and I’m happy for all these amazing life changes that you worked so hard for, congratulations.

  10. Michelle :

    I’m on vacation in Atlanta and went to a local gym. Apparently my love of crossfit is directly tied to Verve. Glad that I found it!

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