Thursday 121115

Five rounds, not for time of:
Max reps body weight back squats
Immediatley after you finish
Max reps push ups
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Post reps to BTWB.

Lately energy drinks have been in the news.  I consume one from time to time, this lead me to do some research on the amount of caffeine each one contains.  Did you know they are not required to list the amount of caffeine on the label?  Even when they do the reported amount can be way off.

Consumer Reports analyzed the caffeine content of 27 top-selling energy drinks, testing three samples each.  Of the 27 only 16 reported the amount of caffeine in each serving.  Of the 16 that did report their caffeine levels, five were off by as much as 20% compared to the stated levels.  As a point of reference an average cup of coffee has around 100 milligrams of caffeine.  Those little shooters similar to five hour energy have around 240 milligrams of caffeine per bottle.  Experts say most healthy adults can consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day.

The intended extra boost of energy may actually lead to daytime sleepiness.

A recent study by the U.S. Army also concluded that energy drinks can cause daytime sleepiness and impair performance when too many are consumed.  Around 45% of troops reported consuming one energy drink per day and 14% reported consuming 3 or more per day.  Service members consuming three or more energy drinks per day were more likely to report sleep disruptions and were more likely to fall asleep during briefings or on guard duty, researchers said.

Just some food for thought.

*Reminder that we will be doing another Verve night out.  On November 24th we will head over to watch the Cutthroats hockey team play and then we’ll gather at Jake’s after for some refreshments.  There is a sign up sheet at the front of the gym.  We’d like to have numbers by next Wednesday, 11/21, so we can secure the tickets.  If interested please sign up.  There will be an envelope to put the $ in.  Tickets price will be contingent upon how many people sign up but we figure around $12.  



  1. Michelle :

    I just heard a news story that the FDA is doing an investigation on the five hour energy drinks and their potential to increase cardiac events in young, healthy adults.

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