Thursday 130110

4 Rounds for time
15 chest to bar pullups
15 chest slapping push ups
15 meter pail lid hollow walk
15 meter handstand walk

Post times to BTWB

5K rowing run at Verve!

I’m always looking for ways to better myself, whether it’s in the gym or outside of the gym.  There have been many books and articles written on the subject of what makes successful people successful. Recently I came across another one on, the website of Inc. Magazine.  These habits of successful people are written in the context for business professionals but the message translates to all aspects of life.  I do think you need to find a happy balance between work and life, but a few of the tips resonated with me.    

My two favorite takeaways from the article are; they do the work and they work a lot more.  A lot of athletes in the gym have a pull up or muscle up goal for 2013.  In order to reach these goals, athletes will have to put in extra work to address their weakness and ultimately reach their goals.  Kipping and butterfly pull-ups take coordination but the absolute strength to do strict pull-ups must be present as well.  Last night we focused on addressing the strength aspect required in pull-ups so hopefully we’ve started down the road to getting people the pull-ups and muscle ups they want and work so hard for.  

The full article can be found here.  Let us know what you think. 

On Saturday we will be heading over to 5280 Gymnastics for another day of gymnastic fun.  Class will start at 8 am at 5280 Gymnastics.  Please sign up via MBO.


  1. Ali :

    Ok…that orange disk was the death of me! Seriously….so hard! Thanks for the great coaching this morning Luke and Courtney:)

  2. RYAN F. :

    i will never look at a paint bucket the same again…

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