Thursday 130214

For time:

50 Power snatch 115#(75#)
5 Burpee penalty on the minute

Post time to BTWB.

Addie catching a barbell that was thrown at her…

Lately I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and also pretty beat up from working out. Like an idiot looking for the easy way to feel better and recover quicker I’ve been taking ibuprofen to help with the soreness and provide a little temporary relief. This, I know, is a bad idea. Sometime you need to read up on topics to really drive the point home. I was reading blog that covered the negative effects of NSAID’s and figured I’d share the highlights.

A recent study tested what would happen during a long difficult training regiment if the athletes took 400 mg of ibuprofen. That’s only two 200mg pills.   There was evidence of intestinal injury after the exercise trial on ibuprofen. There was also loss of gut barrier integrity, which increases risk of infection. 

NSAID’s can also compromise long term muscle development and can hamper the regeneration of tendons and connective tissue.  Recent reviews also show that NSAID’s can block enzymes that are responsible for protein synthesis.

The takeaways:

Ibuprofen and NSAIDs should be avoided when exercising because they can cause damage to the gut and impair nutrient absorption.

NSAIDs  have been shown to get in the way of long-term tendon and muscle repair.

NSAIDs can impact long-term muscle growth due to how they affect satellite cell activation.

The bottom line is although NSAIDs like ibuprofen may provide a temporary relief of pain, the long term effects can be substantially worse.  Check out the full article here.

Reminder: Nutrition Cook-off on Friday at 7pm at CrossFit Verve.  Bring your dishes/recipes by 6:45pm for the tasting and voting!  Open to all, so bring your A-game and come hungry!


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