Thursday 130117

Five rounds for time and weight of:
5 Squat Snatch
10 GHD sit-ups

Post times and weight to BTWB.


Athletes are always asking about what to take before and after a workout.  Dave Lipson recently wrote a great article regarding caffeine based pre-workout drinks.  

The full article can be read by clicking the the link at the end of this sentence, Crossfit Invictus

Here are the advantages and disadvantages, according to the Lipson, with taking a caffeine based pre-workout stimulant.


  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Upper Body Strength
  • Fat Burning
  • Weight Loss


  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Possible Drug Test Failure
  • Feeling of racing heart couple with nausea and vomiting
What are your thoughts and what do you take before and after you workout?
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  1. Patrick M :

    I used to Love Jack 3d until l learned that is contains a banned substance. It sure did work out well for the un motivated me in the evenings. Now I just try to drink tons of water all day long and if there is some left over coffee I suck it down before I head to the gym.

  2. I eat real food, as much as possible. My thinking is that real food should be enough and I shouldn’t have to beef up with chemicals/disgusting protein drinks. I also usually forget to bring a post WOD drink. Add to it, all that stuff is pricey!

  3. Rob b :

    Proprietary mix of:
    Quad espresso, 5-hour energy, Jolt cola
    Plus 2 crushed and snorted no-doz

    Do not try without consulting your doc. Side effects may include slight shaking and tail growth


  4. luke :

    I have shy’ed away from the pre-WOD drinks for the most part. I don’t like the jittery-ness most of them make me feel, and I’ve also experienced huge emotional crashes a few hours after taking them. I only take them now if I haven’t had my daily brew yet, which isn’t often. Coffee=goodness.

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