Thursday 130124

Three rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7  Bar muscle-ups
10 Hang power snatch 135#(95#)

Post time to BTWB

Chad ripping off pull-ups

As many of you may have heard the 2013 Crossfit Open is right around the corner.  The worldwide open competition begins on March 6th and runs until April 7th.  Last year we had a high participation rate from athletes at Crossfit Verve and this year we are looking to expand on 2012.  The open builds great camaraderie among our athletes and we highly encourage all of you to sign up.  We are planning on doing the workouts on Thursdays and then again on Sunday.  We will need athletes to judge too so if you’re interesting in being a judge keep a look out for the sign up sheet in the front of the gym.   

If you’re really serious about competing this year, let’s talk about our new and improved Competitors Course.

If you are interested in the CrossFit Open or any other competition and want to get more specialized programming and skill work, we are starting up the Competitors class again. We have changed the competitors program to accommodate more people.

Being a competitor takes dedication.

Here is what we ask you to commit to:
2 CrossFit Verve wods (Everyone needs the GPP. We will let you know which ones you are to not do Rx’d cause of weight or time, because it will hurt your training)
2 HDCC (We all need more strength)
1 Oly class (Cause like Wednesdays post “Even Mr May needs to work on his Oly lifts”)

What you will receive:
Specialized programming 2 WODs a week. One will need to be done during an Open gym. The other will be either Fri, Sat, or Sun and will be just the Comp crew in the gym. For the one to be done at Open gym. You will have all the other Comp crews’ contact so you guys can plan on meeting and doing the WODs together.

We are also looking at doing some specialty classes over the next couple of months focusing on things like gymnastics movements or higher skill work.
he weekend comp hour will be 90min long

The cost is $ 25.00 a month – includes the 90 min comp class held on a fri/sat or sun. So you will get 6 hours of addional training at this price.
The weekend comp hour will be more challenging wods, heavier weights, difficult movements, longer duration. During the 90 mins you will also get some time to focus on skills whether its 10 mins of dedicate muscle up practice or 30 mins on heavy lifting. There might also be a few double days, and the possibility of working with other CrossFit gyms in the area.

More info to follow soon. 



  1. Ginger :

    How far is the Endurance Fun Run on Sunday? Thx

  2. NateRader :

    Ginger, expect a few miles total.

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