Thursday 130207

Deadlift 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1
As many rounds as possible in ten minutes:
10 Deadlifts @ 60% of 1RM
10 Box jumps, 24″(20″) (games standard)

Post weights and rounds to BTWB.

Crossfit Kids at Verve…fun for everyone involved!

Dearest Verve athletes and family,

As you may have noticed there have been some changes going on with the Verve schedule, and by “some” changes I mean “a lot” of changes. Some of you might not have even noticed these changes until you came into the gym expecting one thing and got another. The concept behind these changes has been . . . wait for it . . . . waaaiiiittt fooooorrrr ittttt. . . . YOU!!!  That’s right folks, you talk and we listen. We regularly seek/receive feedback from all our athletes, in addition to our close attention to detail and then we put our heads together to take the best care of you possible!  

Here’s what we got from you and here’s what we’ve changed:

Our Foundations Program is now running concurrently on M/T/W/R evenings at 7pm. Athletes looking to get started can join at anytime, and finish the 6 core classes in any order or timeframe.

We noticed there was not quite the demand for an open gym time in the AM and more demand for open gym time in the PM.
– There is now 7:30am WOD M-F.  Our 9am WOD on Tuesdays and Thursdays has returned to 7:30am instead.
– We now have Open Gym at 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday, with more to come soon. As with all our Open Gym times, please remember to be respectful of your fellow athletes and coaches, clean up after yourself and be done on time.

You wanted specialty classes in the AM.
– Several days a week we now have Olympic Lifting scheduled during the AM sessions, with more specialty classes to come.

People are LOVING both HotDogs and CupCakes and Olympic Lifting.
– We have added an additional HD & CC class in the evenings. Double your pleasure, double your fun. These will be at 4pm and 5pm starting next week.
– In addition to the early mornings, Olympic Lifting is offered Wednesdays at 4pm and 5pm, and Fridays at 10am.

Weekends are fun as always, with ever-growing popularity.
– We have added an 8am class Saturday mornings bringing the Saturday WOD total to 4, followed by 1.5hour-long open gym.
– Endurance Sunday Fun Run at 8am has been a hit. We are considering adding another WOD on Sundays due to demand, but trying out 8am or 11am, for all those of you who “enjoy” your Saturday nights.

Moms class is growing, literally and figuratively. Something about you people looking hot, means baby bellies start growing, and our mommas class is growing like a bunny family.
– We are considering offering it at 9am either M/T/W/R or M-F eventually.

CrossFit Kids is also growing right along with the kids playing.
– We have classes for kids ages 4+, offered at 9am on Saturdays while parents also get their WOD on. Here’s to family fitness and fun together!

We have Swimming Workshops and WODs scheduled on several Saturdays.  We are excited to offer these to you at no additional cost, indoor and close to our home.  Class sizes will be limited, so any late cancellations (within 12 hrs) or no-shows will be given a 150 Burpees for time penalty.  Have you all been enjoying the Gymnastics field trips and Swim classes?

There you have it friends, we want you to get your workout on and we hope with these changes we made it easier for you to do that. As we evaluate these changes more changes may be down the pike, isn’t that the definition of CrossfFt though, constantly varied? One of the beauties of CrossFit is that it is constantly evolving, constantly observing/evaluating what works and progressing. We constantly strive to provide you the best training, care and experience every day, so here’s your reminder that we want your feedback as always.

Now, get after it!


  1. James (O.G.) :

    Dear CrossFit Verve,

    Thanks for the 4 o’clock HD&CC class. Now I can be super strong in addition to being wildly sexy. You’re the best!

    All my love,
    James (O.G.)

  2. Leslie :

    I love the mobility work we do most every class but I would love a total mobility class- like on Sundays as a recharge for the week. I will only stretch when forced 🙂

  3. Gabriel :

    That’s a great idea, Leslie. I would be interested in a mobility class as well!

  4. Angie :

    Morning oly classes are brilliant. You must have read my mind on a later Sunday Run – 8am is just a wee bit early! Thanks!

  5. Ali :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the morning OLY classes! Thank you Verve:) Much love!

  6. David H :

    I love the new schedule as well! Very accommodating, also really glad to see some strength work put back into the everyday WOD’s. Keep up the good work!

  7. Izzo :

    I would be down for the 11a.m. WOD on Sunday to make a come back. And of course you know I’d use most if not all 3p.m. open gyms. 😉

  8. Kimberly B :

    Sean and I both want the 11am Sunday wod back! I work all day/night on Saturdays, having an 11am wod on Sundays would be great so I could still sleep 8 hours, and eat breakfast before working out. Also, since I work super long days on Saturdays so it would be cool if there was ever a gymnastics day on a Sunday(they always seem to be on Sat).

  9. Jim D. :

    HD&CC at 4:00. I love who ever made that change. Those extra 15 minutes mean I can make it and get strong like James. Although, I’ll never be as sexy!

  10. Ryan F. :

    Hey Verve!

    I love the new Oly morning classes. Any chance we can get some HD & CC in the early AM like 530 or 6 for all is 8-5ers???

  11. Sara Lew :

    Hooray for more Moms classes! Joylyn and that class are the bomb.

  12. 11am Sunday WOD was a staple for me.

    I’ve been bummed about there being no HD&CC available in the evenings anymore as that means I have absolutely no access (and I think that goes for Oly, too.) I work in DTC right now and can only make the 7pm WODs.

    I realize it’s extremely tough to get everyone everything, so something’s gotta give.

    • Trina R. :

      Love the gymnastic and swimming WODs. Also appreciate the morning accommodations for those of us who work past five pm and can’t make it to the gym before later in the evening.

  13. Kristi H :

    LOVE that moms class and schedule. That means this mama gets in 5x a week!! More weekend WOD’s are pretty cool too!

  14. Rob b :

    Great WOD. Now where the he!! did I put that heating pad?!

    And thanks for the constantly challenging programming, class variety and special treats
    You’re the best Verve!

  15. aMy k. :

    Want to do the Sunday runs, because I miss the Endurance program, but I will never make 8am on Sundays! Later? Love the new oly schedule!

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