Thursday 130228

Open WOD 13.4

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes
3 Clean and jerk 135#(95#)
3 Toes to bar
6 Clean and jerk 135#(95#)
6 Toes to bar
9 Clean and jerk 135#(95#)
9 Toes to bar
12 Clean and jerk 135#(95#)
12 Toes to bar
15 Clean and jerk 135#(95#)
15 toes to bar
If you complete the round of 15, go on to 18. If you complete 18, go on to 21, etc

For a downloadable PDF of the workout, click here.

Post reps completed to comments and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open and  BTWB.

Warm weather is coming and the bay door is open!

For today’s post we’re gonna switch it up a little.  Instead of talking about exercising or making your body a more well oiled machine with proper nutrition, we are going to talk about making your mind stronger.

I recently picked up a new book; “Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?”  The book is filled with trick questions and difficult puzzles asked by some of the top organizations in the world during the interview process.  I figured I’d throw a few at you guys and help you get your mind strengthening on.  With all the recent ninja talk we could use a little cognitive thinking.  

Here goes.

The following numbers are written on the whiteboard, 10, 9 , 60, 90, 70, 66.  What number comes next?

Imagine that you are in a boat, in the middle of the sea. Suddenly you are surrounded by hungry sharks, just waiting to feed on you. How can you put an end to this?

Sam’s mother had 4 children in all. The first one was named May. The second and third were called June and July respectively. What was the fourth child’s name?

The answers are really quite simple when you think about them.  I’ll post the answers in the comments section but I have a feeling someone will get them.


  1. NateRader :

    ninety-six; stop imagining it; Sam

  2. MRM :

    Drive the boat to land?


  3. slaughter :

    first one couldn’t figure out – next two are easy tricks

  4. Jen M :

    I got 2 out if 3!! Yeah!!

  5. Leslie :

    Great job Jen- I’m scared of this workout!

  6. Trina R :

    If those are the only numbers on the whiteboard, then there wouldn’t be any other number that comes next.

  7. Keith :

    For the sharks I’d wish for a ninja.

    Then, when that didn’t happen, I’d jump into the water and wish to be eaten real quickly. I’d provide a good meal for at least a couple of them. Maybe three.

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