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Open gym at Verve, where amazing happens!

Open gym at Verve, where amazing happens!

How often do you take rest days?  How about a rest/recovery week where you don’t do anything but rest and repair your body?  I know I’m guilty of not doing  this.  I’ve been making a more concerned effort to mobilize everyday but there are days when I forget or am simply consumed with other activities and don’t have the time.  We’ve been putting the post WOD mobility on the white board so if for some reason we run long and don’t have time to do it with you, you as a class will do it.  You guys have been great about this!

In order to make the most gains you have to put the maximum effort forward, right?  Well how can you put the maximum effort forward if you’re tired or sore?  The short answer is you can’t.  Even the top athletes in the world have to take a rest day now and again to allow their bodies adequate time to repair and recover.   

I read an article that had a few good points regarding recovery and things you can do to assist outside of actually taking rest days.  Here are the takeaways that I felt are relevant to use as CrossFit athletes:

Ensure adequate glycogen stores and take branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) pre-competition to decrease muscle damage and optimize energy stores.

Take BCAAs or at least 20 grams of whey protein and a high-quality carb supplement(coconut water) to support recovery.

Avoid alcohol and NSAID pain killers post-competition because both will significantly delay recovery and inhibit tissue healing in the long run.

Take a few grams of fish oil after competition because it has also been found to reduce muscle soreness after intense training.

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