Thursday 130613

As many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

7 Power cleans, 155# (105#)
7 Knees to elbow
7 Handstand push-ups
30 Double-unders

Post rounds & reps to comments and BTWB

Bill warming up his DB power cleans

Injuries: Roadblock or Detour?

 Let us image ourselves at a point in our athletic career when we are constantly reaching and achieving our goals, if not completely blowing them out of the water. We are finally making those neurological connections and the transition in the muscle up has now been knocked off our “things to dominate” list. Now we start to make even loftier goals, when unexpectedly we have found ourselves side lined with an injury. My question to you now, in the peak of your performance, is this injury going to be a Hoover Dam sized road block or just an extra mile out of the way detour to those lofty goals, cause remember, you still have goals. Injuries can without doubt be devastating, not just physically but mentally as well. For any one who is active, whether for personal health, profession, or sport, you now have to worry about dealing with a body that isn’t working the way you want it to.

  In an article called “How to Overcome an Injury” by Carrie Cheadle, M.A. (click here to read full article), it states that there are two main “mental skills” that need to be embraced in order to deal with over coming your injury. “One of the most difficult and yet most important mental skills to focus on when you are injured is focusing on what you CAN do versus focusing on what you CAN’T do. When you are injured you can become consumed with all of the things you can no longer do. When you are injured, you are still an athlete. It feels like you aren’t because a piece of your identity has been taken away. You are no longer able to do what you are passionate about. Once you are injured, your “sport” is now your rehab and recovery and you need to shift your focus to that performance. You can become an elite athlete when it comes to recovering from your injury.” I once had an athlete tell me they were not going to log any of their times/ weights until they were back to where they were before they were injured, WHAT?!?! I ask you this, how will you know the progress you’ve made when you don’t even know where you started? Your performance during your recovery is just as important as your performance before your injury.

 “The second most difficult yet most important mental skill when it comes to overcoming an injury is managing your stress. Long-term psychological stress suppresses your immune system, it slows down your bodies ability to heal wounds. Stress hits us hardest when we feel like we have no control over a situation, like when we sustain an injury. Focusing on what you CAN do helps you feel more in control and feeling in control can lower your psychological stress. Decide to be the best you can be at your recovery. Stick to your rehab, rest when you need to, stay positive, keep moving forward, and most important – reach out for support when you need it.”

 When you find yourself injured acknowledge it, denial is not just a river in Egypt. Seek medical evaluation and find out your limitations/ restrictions. Bring that information to your friendly neighborhood Verve trainer and start working on a rehab plan, and then let’s rock that plan like we did our muscle up transitions!! Injuries do not need to be a roadblock that stops us dead in our tracks of athletic progress, they can be merely a detour. The end goal is the same, we just need to take a different, and little longer, path to get there. 

Quick reminder:

Crossfit Roots Summer Oly Meet on Saturday July 13th. Entry fee is $20, this meet in not USAW sanctioned, so neither a membership to USAW nor a singlet is required. The Summer Oly Meet is a great opportunity to set new contest PR's and to mix-up the competition. Registration closes July 7th, click here to register (go to the Events tab). More information can be found at

Also, please join us at the Denver Outlaws Game at Mile High on Thursday, July 4th at 7pm.  We'll get to cheer on our favorite player and Verve athlete Lee Zink in person on his home turf!  Sign up sheet at the front of Verve!  Sign up ASAP please!


  1. Russell :

    Thank you for the reminder, and great article link.

    Having a Hoover Dam kinda block now was real tough to swallow. Verve's awesomeness helped me leave my little ego at the door and focus on the big things that matter. 

    I found that this roadblock is nothing more than a stepping stone which allow me to set even loftier goals. And focus on technique to reach them.

    Thank you Verve.


  2. Joylyn :

    Great post Courtney.   I was totally guilty of the not wanting to log/track my WODs when I was pregnant, which bums me out now.  Definitely won't make that mistake again.  Fact is, life hands us ups and downs, but it's important to own ourselves through all of it.  Dealing with an injury is often a new opportunity to improve other areas that we may not have focused on otherwise, which helps us become more well-rounded athletes and that's the goal of CrossFit anyhow!  We grow, we change, and often our goals/priorities shift too but just getting in the doors to our supportive Verve family to take care of ourselves for an hour/day is winning the battle most often.   

  3. Crandall :

    thanks crossfit verve!  i really enjoyed the few days that i spent there workin with all your awesome trainers.  excellent workouts with exceptional people.  it was a memorable experience.  thanks crossfit verve!!! 😀

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