Thursday 130627

For time:
Run 800 meters
30 Muscle-ups
Run 800 meters

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Hey Gowe, nice rack.

Why is rowing (aka: rowing class) awesome you may ask? Well, you get to sit on your butt while you work super hard. Win-win my friends. But seriously, why should rowing be the newest addition to your Crossfit week? Honestly, if you look at a rowing WOD and say, “screw that,” or make a sad sound deep inside your soul, that is why you should come to rowing. Like any other Crossfit movement, rowing is a skill, and thus it gets better the more that you practice said skill. And the best thing about rowing, just a few simple switches can make your stroke a whole lot more efficient, more powerful, and way more fun. Trust me.

This class is also a great way to add in some straightforward, low impact cardio respiratory training to your week. There is a reason you still see boats full of 80+ year old men rocking it down the river – when done correctly, rowing is great on the body.

It will transfer to the rest of your WODs. Imagine looking at the 1K row of Jackie, and being like, “got this!” Understanding the rowing stroke will help you get your row done faster, while saving body parts that don’t need to have their butts kicked by rowing – lower back, arms, shoulders – I can’t help you with the quads though – those might get their butts kicked more…

Finally, you will also be able to see marked progress as you continue with the class. Each month will be a new cycle. There will be three workouts leading to a test at a specified distance at the end of the cycle. This fist cycle will be 2k month. We’re diving in head first here people.

You can of course always drop in mid-cycle and be able to gain the benefit of some extra time and instruction on the rower, as well as get in a solid (did I mention you get to be sitting the whole time) workout. Come check this rowing business out, and I promise that you will walk away a better rower, and hate that machine just a little bit less.


Maddie "lean, mean, rowing machine" Berky

​We would like to schedule additional rowing classes, which days & times would you like to see them? Give us your feedback.



  1. Jeremy :

    I would be willing to do a lot of things… even rowing, at 5:00 am a few days a week.  The occasional pre-shift change WOD would make my day.

  2. Jason :

    ugggg 5:30 D:

    I do enjoy rowing. I think I'll give it a try.

  3. David H :

    11:30, 5, 6 on off Hotdogs days.  This is selfishly of course!  

  4. Leslie :

    Maddie- I have heard great things about your class. 6pm during the week works best for me or a weekend 🙂

  5. Emily :

    I would most definately sign up for any evening row classes!

  6. Jim D. :

    Any time during the day would be great.  9-3.


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