Thursday 130725

Behind the neck jerk
5 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

4 rounds:
1 minute max rep of strict pull-ups
Rest 1 minute
1 minute max reps of push press 155(105)#, taken from floor, no racks
Rest 1 minute

Post loads and reps to comments and BTWB

photo 475x356 Thursday 130725

Emmalee working through yesterday’s pool WOD, so proud of her hard work!!


There are 3 metabolic pathways that provide energy for all our bodies' actions. 

metabolic pathway chart Thursday 130725

The metabolic pathways chart


The first pathway is the Phosphagen Pathway. This pathway dominates our highest powered activities and last for the shortest period of time. Think 100% power output piquing at around :10. What kinds of things in CrossFit do we do that sound like that? How about 1RM deadlift, 100m sprint, 1RM snatch, etc. 

The second pathway is the Glycolytic Pathway. This pathway dominates moderate powered activities that last up to several minutes. Our power output drops to around 80% thus allowing us to work longer. Most of our CrossFit WODs fall into this range, Fran, Grace, 8-12 minute AMRAPS, etc. 

The third pathway is the Oxidative Pathway. This pathway dominates low powered activities that last in excess of several minutes. Now our power output is around 40%, this let's us carry one for much longer periods of time. WODs in excess of 20 minutes, hero WODs, 5K run or row, all of these activities carry on in our Oxidative Pathway. 

The Oxidative pathway is an aerobic pathway, meaning it requires oxygen to produce our energy. Aerobic training has several bonuses, obviously the longer we can work the greater our cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance as well as our stamina. There will be a decrease in body fat but on the down side there is also a decrease in muscle mass. Aerobic training does very little to improve our strength, power, or speed. 

The Phosphagen and Glycolytic Pathways are anaerobic, meaning they do not require oxygen. Anaerobic training also improves cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance, in fact more so then aerobic training. Anaerobic training also decreases body fat, however this type of training will increase muscle mass as well as improve our strength, speed, and power. The biggest bonus of anaerobic training is it's ability to improve our aerobic capacity, this does not happen in the reverse. What I mean is we do not need to train for running a 5K by running a ton of 5Ks, we can lift heavy and bust our butt through a 5 minute WOD and this work will help in our capacity to run a 5K. 

So why am I telling you all this? As I said earlier, in CrossFit we spend the majority of our time working in the Glycolytic Pathway, we do this because we find the most benefit across the board. However we do not ignore the other pathways, we do not forego the heavy lifting days or the longer endurance days because they too have their benefits. Working all three pathways makes for the most well rounded athlete and that my friends is the name of our game, we master nothing and we work well at everything. 

Moral of the story: STOP CHERRY PICKING!! ALL of it makes you stronger.

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  1. Joey Begg :

    I'm doing Marine Corps marathon the following weekend……anyone want to relay the half with me the weekend before?

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