Thursday 130808

5m seated sled pull, for max weight

Then 10 min EMOM,
Even minutes: 15m standing sled pull @ 60%
Odd minutes: 1 legless rope climb

Post weights to comments and BTWB


Brad Petersen showing us the results of his hard work

Brad Petersen showing us the results of his hard work

Brad Petersen showing us the results of his hard work


Last week the trainers got an email in our inbox with the subject line "CF gets RESULTS!". Brad Petersen, one of Verve's members, shared with us a visual of the results of his very hard work over the last 6 mos. Brad joined Verve in January of this year and he hit the ground running. He finished his foundations at the same time our nutrition challenge started, that's when his first set of pictures were taken. I thought Brad's story was one that a lot of us could appreciate, so I asked his permission to share his journey with you. Here we go. . . 

Brad, how did you eat and workout before you joined Verve in January?
Before joining Verve and starting on the path to wellness, I had given very little thought to how I was fueling my body. Activities such as hiking, biking, snowboarding, and riding motocross burnt enough calories that any dietary concern seemed unnecessary. Unfortunately, these activities came to a screeching halt in late January of 2012 when I suffered from a bad motocross accident that left me with a shattered collar bone, a broken leg, and all the ligaments in my ankle torn. Two surgeries and months of rehab got me mobile again, but exercise as I had known it was not possible. Pizza, sandwiches, pasta, hamburgers, french fries, biscuits 'n' gravy, and burritos were all a regular part of my diet. It didn't take long for this perfect storm of poor nutrition and no exercise to deliver me a fat gut and high cholesterol to boot. After hearing numerous testimonials from friends about how great crossfit is, I decided to give it a go.
Brad, I know you travel a lot for work, how did you manage your nutrition during the challenge and how do you manage it now?
I had just finished foundations when the nutrition challenge began, so both the crossfit movements and the paleo diet were foreign to me. This challenge, I approached with realistic expectations, which helped me manage this new lifestyle both at home and while traveling. Since I don't have the discipline to weigh food zoning was out of the question; instead I identified some problems in my diet such as fast food, excessive carbs, and large irregular meals. Grocery shopping became a lot more interesting, a sandwich and bag of chips for lunch became a 1/4lb of deli meat wrapped with peppers and mustard, an apple, and a handful of almonds. My success is not complicated, I followed a few simple rules to make this challenge more feasible: no fast food, no bread or dairy, and no fried food or pasta. What seemed difficult at first became habitual. For work I travel 2-3 weeks each month. Aside from the occasional cheat meal, I've remained fairly committed to the paleo diet and the simple rules I practiced during the nutrition challenge. How could I not continue, in 6 weeks I dropped 10lbs and nearly 5% body fat.​
How often do you come to Verve? Do you keep the same workout consistency when you travel?
When I'm lucky enough to be in Denver, I'm at Verve 5-6 days per week. The top notch training I receive at Verve gave me the confidence to walk into any box as a visitor and know that I can perform any movement. Fortunately my travels take me to places with excellent crossfit affiliates, I've become a regular at Chris Spealler's box in Park City, and various locations throughout the states. Thanks to the global crossfit community I'm able to maintain 5-6 WOD's per week even while traveling. Occasionally I do find myself in BFE, when that happens I get creative and design a workout using what I have (I always travel with my jump rope). 
Brad, would you tell us some of the gains you have made with your performances in the WODs over the last 6 mos?
My max clean has improved from 135lbs. to 165lbs. Back Squat from 185 to 225lbs. Non-existent muscle ups to now Rx'ing a workout with 30 muscle ups and 150 wall balls, this one I'm quite proud of. Additionally, body weight movements I've seen a significant improvement, no longer do I find myself gasping for air after completing just 5 pull ups; on a good day with fresh hands I can manage 25-30 unbroken kipping. Also, with push ups, sit ups, and wall balls I've noticed improvement, which I credit to enhanced recovery and endurance gained from everyday crossfit workouts.

What is your greatest CrossFit accomplishment in the past 6 mos?
When I first started CF getting a six-pack was my biggest goal, never in my life have I had one so it seemed to be the ultimate goal. Plus, who the hell doesn't want a six pack? After six months of hard ass work if I clench every muscle in my body and cough at the same time while squinting my eyes a six pack is almost visible! The reality, and more significant than superficial abs, is that CrossFit and my stubborn determination not to fail facilitated a full recovery from an injury that kept me from walking for 4 months. Inside the gym my biggest accomplishment is any PR regardless of the movement, outside the gym I consider my greatest accomplishment having the endurance to backpack 10 miles with a 60lb pack and then summit two of the states most challenging 14'ers in one day.

The biggest point of me sharing Brad's story is not just to show how hard work gets results, I think you all already know that. But also to show that the journey to results takes hard work. Seems silly, I just said the same thing but backwards. You have to recognize all your hard work in the gym will only get you so far, a good diet will get you the rest of the way. Having a good diet takes effort, consistency, and determination to stick with it at even the most inconventient times. 

Congratulations on all your hard work Brad. You look amazing but better yet you feel amazing. Here's to a long, healthy, active life!!






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    Holy crap Brad!! Lookin' good!!!

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    Way to go, Brad!

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    Looking good!!! Keep it up 

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    Great work Brad!  

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    Amazing. Gives me inspiration to get back on my grind and recommit to my goals. I feel like I could've written this; hopefully I'll have a similar story to share in 6 months.

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    youre a rock star and a great 31 heros partner. Way to go. 

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