Thursday 130826

Clean pull+power clean+ 2 split/push jerks, 1RM

Then, as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:
Hanging bear complexes (135#/95#)

Post loads and rounds to BTWB

The face of love. A couple that mobilizes together stays together.

 Is the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) programming in CrossFit transferring to your life outside the gym? When was the last time you checked? By Courtney Shepherd

 I had an “A HA!!” moment several weeks ago during a Monday morning class. One of our newer athletes, Joey Begg, was asking about modifying the WOD because her legs were really sore from running an ultra marathon over the weekend. Before I could address the modification issue I first needed to address the fact that she was a) walking and b) at the gym ready to workout in some fashion after running a 50-mile marathon 2 days earlier. During our conversation I found out that Joey has run several marathons before but never an ultra marathon, this had been her first. Joey is very humble but we eventually got her to spill the awesome news that she got the second fastest woman’s time. My next question to her was how do you train for an ultra marathon, her response, “I’ve just been doing CrossFit”. A HA!!! We talk a lot about how we train across the board in modalities and time domains, we specialize in nothing in order to be good at anything and everything life could throw at us. Joey never ran 50 miles to train for running 50 miles. She came to the gym consistently never shying away from the challenge of a heavy lifting day or the long hero WOD. Her specific sport was CrossFit and that dedication translated to the ability to run 50 miles, the icing on the cake was getting the second fastest woman’s time doing it.

Joey is not my only example. Over the following weeks I started to hear stories from some of our other athletes. Our very own Maddie Berky competed in the Colorado Open several weekends ago. In that competition one of the workouts was a 500m row for time. Most of you may know that Maddie was a collegiate rower. Since college Maddie has not spent much time rowing, instead training in other capacities. At the Open Maddie rowed her fastest 500m, EVER. She beat her best college time by :06 sec. Without doing any sport specific training Maddie demolished her row. She later made a comment stating, “It’s easier to row when you have an extra 20 pounds of muscle”. Maddie’s dedication to building strength through CrossFit and weightlifting paid off without having to spend hours on a rower.

 Several weeks ago I swam 500m for time. I did not hit a pool again over the following weeks. In between I have spent a lot of time doing heavy back squatting. I went to the pool just a couple of days ago and took :45 sec off my 500m swim. I think I would agree with Maddie in saying my swim improved with the increase in my muscle mass and leg strength.

 So here’s my question to you, is the GPP programming in CrossFit transferring to your life outside the gym? When was the last time you checked? If you have found CrossFit has improved your capacity to partake in your extra curricular activities share those stories with us in the comments. We want to hear all about it.



  1. Ali :

    These are all very inspiring women! However, it still boggles my mind that Joey runs 50 mile and 50K races on weekends like its no big deal. It is a big deal! Good luck this weekend Joey!

  2. Johnny :

    I had one of these experiences a week or two ago. I have never been a runner at all and probably the farthest I have ever ran was 1 to 2 miles at most. I been doing crossfit for for about year and half now and decided I wanted to go for a run one day just to see if it had gotten any better or if I still struggled after the first mile. I ran 6 miles without stopping. It was the best feeling ever and I knew it was all because of crossfit. To make things even better we have alot of runners in our office that are “anti crossfit”. well I shared with them my distance and miles pace for the 6 miler and they didn’t believe me at first because they knew I wasn’t a runner, so I just showed them my running app with time,distance, and map of route taken. They were blown away cuz it turned out that it was faster then anyone of there times by a few minutes. It wasn’t anything record breaking but to go from running barely a mile and having pain all over to running 6 miles without a break and looking for a white board at end thinking okay now what? how many pullups? burpees? cleans? It was an amazing feeling and all credit goes to my crossfit training.

  3. slaughter :

    Johnny this is awesome – I’m feeling very inspired by all of these stories!

  4. Cobb :

    These are really great stories… I have only been doing Crossfit for a couple months now and I am noticing positive gains in other areas. I think Joey needs to write a article on here entitled, “Couch to 50 Miles”…. What a bad ass accomplishment! Way to go Maddie and Courtney too.

  5. Cherie :

    Johnny – I’m speechless! Congrats sir!

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