Thursday 130829

Hang power snatch, from above the knee
2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2

Then, EMOM for 10 Minutes:
1 hang muscle snatch + 2 hang power snatches @ 70% 1RM

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Can you spot the trainer?


In the past 6 weeks we have completed 3 rather large foundations classes and introduced a whole group of new athletes to Verve. I thought I would take this opportunity to teach the "new hotness" and remind the "old & busted" about signing up for classes (don't be offended, it's a funny reference from Men In Black II). It's important you guys & gals do in fact sign up for classes, for one we like to know who alls coming. Cause, you know, like if James Whitmire is scheduled for the 11:30am class that also happens to be the same time I gotta go wash my hair. I kid, I kid. But seriously, we want to know who's representin'. We work hard to make sure you as athletes get superior training, that includes making sure we have enough trainers for a class. As class sizes grow you might see more of us creeping around judging you, look at the baby, look at the baby. But it can be hard for us to fully prepare when 8 people sign up for a class and come the witching hour there are 16 of you  standing at the whiteboard. My point, a heads up would be nice. Sign up for class.

As important as signing up for class is, it is also equally important to cancel should you change your mind or life interferes with your WOD plans. When you sign up for class it reserves a spot for you and takes a spot out of availability for the class. Some of our classes can tend to grow rather large and in an attempt to sign up you are placed on a wait list. The only way to get off the wait list is for someone to cancel their reservation. We understand that things come up, and usually they come up last minute, but please make every attempt to cancel so that another athlete can have your spot. 

I won't beat a dead horse too much I will leave you this final recap. We have MBO in service for several reasons but most importantly we want to keep tabs on class sizes, have the appropriate number of trainers available, and make sure you the athlete can get your WOD on at the time that works best for you. If you are a member at Verve you have an account, we promise, you may just not remember, below are the steps to either set up your account or be reminded of your account info. Now go forth and be merry. . . . whilst signing up in advance for classes.


1. Go to
2. Look up at the top right section of the screen and click on Schedule
3. a) Enter username and password and sign up for class.
    b) Click on sign up. A window will pop up, fill out box that says New to our site? with your First and Last name. Click the Next button. A Find Account page will come up. Your name should appear with a "THIS IS ME!" button next to it. Click it. Another page Reset your password will come up. Fill in your email and click the "NEXT" button. MBO will then send you an email to reset/ set-up your password. Just follow link provided in email. You are now signed up and can start signing up for all classes.
   c) If all you have forgotten is your password then click on Forgot Password? enter your username and  follow the remaining directions to have your password sent to you.

*If you are unable to sign up for classes please notify the office at so we can make sure your account is up to date.

Thank you. Love,
Your eternally grateful Verve trainers and support staff








  1. James (O.G.) :

    You do need to wash your hair more often.

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