Thursday 131114

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 Chest to bar pull-ups
30 second Ring L-sit hold
Post rounds to comments and BTWB

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Nine things I’m going to improve for my quality of life and happiness By Cherie Chan
Let me begin by saying that if you took a snapshot of my overall health ten years ago and compared it to today, I’d kick my 29 year old selfs ass. I have made leaps and bounds in not only understanding my health, but changing habits to improve it. Even though I am more aware, I always know I can do better. I still find that simple things I could improve go undone. Though my health and happiness are much improved at 39, there is always more to do! It’s like the laundry, unless you want to wear dirty clothes…
This post is designed to do two things: First I hope that I can inspire you to stop, look at your current habits and make some positive small goals for change. Second, for me to walk the talk and do the same.
Your goals do not need to be life altering.  As a matter of fact, this will work much better if they are not. Just small changes that over time will have a huge impact.  Keep a daily/weekly/monthly check list to make sure you are achieving your goals. Remember the only thing that stops us from meeting our own expectations is our own decisions.
My Nine New Habits
1) Once a week do something outside for 1hr plus.
– After the Team Chan summit of the Grand Teton this summer, my eyes were opened to a big hole in my fitness. I do not go long often enough. In order to preform well in those, once in a life time moments, I need to have played outside.  So this can include any type of activity I choose (running, biking, climbing, snowshoeing etc..), even walking the dogs, but it must be for at least one hour.
2) STOP eating dairy.
– I’m an on again off again dairy consumer. My body does not react well to dairy, but my mind loves it. So once and for all it’s time to stop,  I’ll allow greek yogurt as a meal as long as it’s been blocked out. A ice cream cheat meal twice a month. In order to make this a habit, every time I want to consume dairy I have to drink 8 oz of lime/lemon water.  Maybe I can kick this dairy problem once and for all.
3) Make a morning checklist.
– One checklist of things I have to do every morning. Write it out, test it for time and reality, then implement. The list will include things I struggle to be consistent with;  taking my daily fish oil, skin care regime, and drink 8 oz of water.
4) Make a weekly exercise checklist.
– With my travel schedule what it is, the programming for my training tends to be more random than I’d like.  There are things I need to make sure I do weekly/monthly in order to continue to improve. Things like squatting, Oly lifting and muscle-up. I will keep a checklist in my WOD log and check every Sunday night to see how’d I’ve done.
5) Keep a workout log.
– I Don’t know why this is so hard for me. But just like the random programming, if I don’t log I can’t see change.
6) Make a monthly checklist of things I have to get done and schedule a day a week to grind through them.
– For now default day will be Monday. I’m hoping to prevent so many things from falling through the cracks.
7) Make a list everyday before bed of the things I still need to get done for the following day/week.
– These last few may seem more organizations than “Health and Fitness”. I find that organization has a BIG role to play in my happiness. I’m very yo-yo about structuring my to do’s. This causes me daily stress.  When I’m organized it free up all that worry in my head for space to be creative.
8) Mobilize for a minimum of ten minutes every time I have to get on a plane.
– Particularly, thoracic spine, pecs, calves and glutes.  The amount of time that I travel is so great. I can actually feel the amount of wasted time add up. Time to put it to use.
9) Study, particularly in my field.
– Do this for either 20 minutes a day or an accumulative 2 hours and 20 minutes per week.  I don’t ever want to get stale in my job, I want to keep learning and pushing what ever boundaries exist.
I will put this on my Fridge to remind me to complete it everyday.  Unfortunately, this will drive my husband’s OCD crazy. I will have to convince him that OUR LIFE is at stake here.
Now… time to write your own list. Make it 3, 5 or 9. Whatever works. Make the goals reasonable and simple. Create a way to remind yourself. On your phone, fridge or whatever works.  See if you can make some small habits grow into big changes for your health and happiness.


  1. James (O.G.) :

    Yay! A Cherie post! I can’t believe you’re 39. You don’t look a day over 38.
    My new habits:
    1) Spend more time around the Chans.
    2) Stop obsessively checking whether the WOD has been posted for the next day.
    3) Discover nuclear fusion. Or fission. Whichever one works better.
    4) Voodoo wrap my elbow twice a day.
    5) Stand in front of the mirror with my shirt off trying to flex my pecs and make my chest bounce for at least 15 minutes per day.
    6) Stop challenging Luke to dance offs.
    7) Try to figure out what the fuck Congress was thinking when it enacted IRC Section 409A.
    8) Complete a Smolov Jr. squat cycle.

  2. Maria :

    Thanks, Cherie! These are great, helpful tips! I’ll definitely be incorporating a few of these. But I just can’t help myself when it comes to obsessively checking to see if the WOD has been posted. Glad to have you back!!

  3. Molly :

    Come yoga with me once a week and that’ll count for your mobilization!

  4. Welcome home Cherie, you have been missed

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