Thursday 131205

“CrossFit Total”
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
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hdcc1 475x407 Thursday 131205

Magna Vista High School football team showing some love for HD&CC

mv 475x276 Thursday 131205

Magna Vista High School Warriors

Hotdogs & Cupcakes heard round the globe.
Prior to “Verve Barbell Club”, so like 3 weeks ago, our specialty strength program went by the lovable moniker  “Hotdogs & Cupcakes”. HD&CC was created by Matt Chan in around 2010 as a way for two buddies to share strength programming between themselves, forcing them both to work on their weaknesses. After over a year of blogging workouts back and forth to each other Matt decided to introduce the program to Verve, and anyone with a computer. Matt also eventually handed the programming over to additional Verve coaches, adding a little spice to the life of HD&CC. Over the years we’ve received tons of emails, mostly with questions, some with success stories, and few with pictures. Pictures from all over the world, many of men and women in the armed forces, following our program and loving it. Just a few weeks ago we got an amazing email titled “High School athletics meets CrossFit”. Thanks to their CrossFit enthusiastic coaches, a High School Football team in Ridgeway, VA began incorporating HD&CC into their training. The Magna Vista Warriors sent us photos and their story:
The football and cheerleading coaching staffs at Magna Vista High School (Ridgeway, VA) are composed of several Crossfit enthusiasts and trainers. The culture of Crossfit has not only played a major role in the strength and conditioning and team building programs of the sports, but has made its mark on the playing field and mat as well. 

Assistant coach John Schlueter of the Magna Vista High School football staff has adopted the concept of “Hotdogs and Cupcakes” for his running backs, which ultimately extended to the rest of the team. “The whole idea of hotdogs and cupcakes involves each one of us working to hold one another accountable for overcoming our weaknesses each day,” said Schlueter. This concept was taken to an even higher level when the slogan made its way onto the field at Friday night’s conference playoff game.
Fellow Crossfit enthusiast and trainer, Beth Simms, coaches the cheerleading squad and was approached earlier in the week to display the team’s new slogan on the run out banner for Friday night. This sign made its debut at the Warriors first playoff game where Magna Vista rallied from a late two-possession deficit to win a 51 to 49 offensive shootout. Hotdogs and cupcakes baby! Salute to you guys and what you do!
The Warriors went on to win their next play off game as well!! We are so proud of their team for putting in the work, making weaknesses strengths, and coming from behind to win. Hard work pays off. We are glad to know HD&CC could be a part of your success, congratulations Magna Vista Warriors!!
See some game footage here.
war 168x300 Thursday 131205

MVHS Warriors

war22 168x300 Thursday 131205

MVHS Warriors

war31 168x300 Thursday 131205

MVHS Warriors



  1. Patrick :

    That makes my day. What an awesome post.

  2. Jim D. :

    It is wonderful to see that. My guess is that they didn’t win because they were the technically better team (although they may have been), but they were the best conditioned team. One thing I have found from HD&CC and Barbell Club is that the EMOM efforts force you to make your body do something that it isn’t ready to do at an exertion level it isn’t prepared for.

  3. Ali :

    So Cool!!!!!

  4. Joylyn :

    One of my favorite posts! Love this!

    Congrats to everyone on the gigantic PR’s today with the CrossFit Total! So proud of all the hard work being put forth.

    It’s my favorite CF WOD :)

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