For max load:

Shoulder press: 3 - 3 - 3
Back squat: 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
Post loads to comments.
Monique, demonstrating a full ROM bench press.
We've addressed delayed onset muscle soreness in previous entries to this blog.  Now it's time to address another issue - chronic muscle soreness.  To some degree, muscle soreness is a testament to our programming and the search for as broad of an adaptational response as possible.  Still, what are you doing to defend your body from unbearable soreness on a day-to-day basis?  Sure you do some dynamic stretches before a WOD, but what about after?  Try spending 10-15 minutes addressing three primary areas.
Try these four stretches with some assistance from your trainer: the wall lunge, the floor chest touch, the wall piriformis, and some good old squat therapy.  Adding these demanding stretches may help relieve some of the tightness that is limiting your daily mobility.
All links provided by Network Fitness' Jeff Alexander.  Thanks for all the great info this weekend Jeff – we look forward to seeing you again in Denver.


  1. Matt :

    More CFV appearances on the Games site. Have a lookee:

  2. Anna :

    Any word if they are adding more “groups” to the affiliate cup?

  3. Anna :

    Is anyone wanting to grill out over the weekend to celebrate memorial day?

  4. Tim :

    Anna I was thinkging of grilling. Been asked Around we can use my place or I was thinking of going to Wash Park.
    P.S. Anna and Alan give me a call or email me. I wanted to ask when you guys where flying out monday from the games.

  5. Gerson M :

    what up people, well i was thinking of flying out thursday morning and heading out sunday night… i’ll have my tix by the 29th.
    oh and grilling sounds good, i was thinking we can go over some details on the trip then.

  6. Joylyn :

    MVFire station #7:
    Shoulder press 85, 90, 95x
    Back squat 135, 185, 195, 205, 210x
    I like the stretches!

  7. Elizabeth Huff :

    I’m totally in for grilling on Memeorial Day. Just post when and where. And as always everyone is welcome to hoof it down south for grilling too!

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