Thursday 140116

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:
8 Toes-to-bars
8 Dumbbell thrusters
12 Dumbbell walking lunges
Post rounds to comments and BTWB

An ode to Superman? A new workout movement? Seriously, what are we doing here people?

CrossFit vs The Real World, where people stop being polite and things start getting real. . . .

Or something like that, I haven’t watched MTV in about a decade. Now don’t let the title fool you, I don’t actually think it’s us vs them but I do think when it comes to CrossFitters vs non CrossFitters there can sometimes be a breakdown in communication. For example:

A casual conversation between myself and a fellow Verve athlete:
Me: “Hello unnamed athlete. So what are you gonna work on today during open gym?”
Unnamed athlete: “I’m just going to play a little with my snatch.”
Me: “Hmm… sounds delightful.” 

Now I’ve worked in a fire house with all men and I’ve been around CrossFitters for many years but there is still something about someone telling me they are “going to play a little with their snatch” that makes me smirk and maybe feel a little dirty. Now imagine dropping that bomb on a non CrossFitter? They may begin to wonder what we really do when we come to the gym. Also it probably doesn’t help that we refer to our gym as “a box”.

So why am I pointing out the obvious, well because to some, it’s not that obvious. I’ve read a CrossFitter’s Facebook status bragging about a PR with at least one comment from a friend asking “what’s a “PR”?”. Well have no fear my friends, Courtney is coming to the rescue. CrossFitters grab your loved ones and huddle around the computer, I’m about to decode this strange language like it’s my job. 

“I need to find a box so I can get my WOD on.”
Translation: I need to find a facility where I may perform fitness for time.

“You have an amazing Snatch.”
Translation: I am very impressed with your ability to lift weight off the ground to an overhead position in one movement, with the use of a wide grip.

“Hey buddy, what are you working on?” “Been jerking all hour.”
Translation: Hey buddy what fitness movement are you working to improve upon right now? I have been working on getting weight from my shoulders to an overhead position, thank you for asking.

“Squeeze your butt and keep your erectors tight.”
Translation: Contract the muscles of your buttocks and contract the muscles of your lower back.

“Pace yourself, don’t blow your WOD right off the bat.”
Translation: Move at a rate of time and energy that will not allow you to fatigue yourself too early in the workout.

“For time: 50 BJ’s.”
Translation: As fast as you can please perform 50 Box Jumps.

“Drive out of the bottom of your thruster.”
Translation: Stand up from the bottom of your squat quickly using that momentum to drive a weighted barbell from your shoulders to the overhead position.

“Put your balls away.”
Translation: Kindly return your medicine ball back to it’s proper storage place.

“I just PRed my Clean & Jerk.”
Translation: I now have a new personal record for the amount of weight I can quickly pick up off the ground, get to my shoulders, and then quickly press from my shoulders to an overhead position.

“Life is better with a squeezed ass.”
Translation: This is a literal statement. Life is better with a squeezed ass. 

There are so many more, I could type all day. We mostly have the Russians to thank for this, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk were named before our modern vocabulary made a sexual derivative of these words. So the lesson is to think before we vomit up a bunch of sexually laced statements to our uninformed friends without blinking an eye. We sound creepy and weird. Please feel free to use the above translations to assist in this matter. 

You are welcome,

If you want to spend a night talking about snatches, jerks, and BJs don’t forget about our Verve Athlete Appreciation Bash this Friday night. It will be at the EXDO Event Center starting at 7pm. Feel free to bring your families. Please RSVP on Facebook, or this blog post comments section, or our Event’s page. 


  1. Susanna :

    Sooooo I checked out your post….and it was damn fine. Well done.

  2. Cherie :

    Love it Courtney.

    One of my favorites “I did Fran today, did you?” “What was your time?”


  3. CrossFit Verve :

    Yes Cherie!! I’m so sad I missed out on mentioning the ladies names. “Man, I just did Elizabeth and Isabel back to back. They destroyed me. ” Tee Hee.

  4. Charles :

    This post won today’s Internet

  5. Rob b :

    Ahhh, funny and insightful…i’d been wondering where the bash sign-up is. I’m in +1

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