Thursday 140130

3 Rounds for time of:
10 Strict handstand push-ups 
15 Strict ring dips 
20 Push-ups
45 Strict pull-ups
Post times to comments and BTWB

Maddie keeps her rowing class high and tight.

Let’s talk “CrossFit Open” talk.
It’s that time of year again, CrossFit Games time. The Open is upon us and so begins our journey of testing our fitness against everyone else in the world. If you have never signed up for the games I highly encourage you to do so. You don’t have to be a CrossFit Veteran and I don’t want to hear you say “I’m just going to wait till next year when I’m a little stronger.” You are strong now, you will be stronger next year but what better way to gauge it then using the Open as a benchmark. So now that I’ve rallied you all in to signing up let’s talk logistics. If you are competing in the Open we would like to HIGHLY encourage you to take the online judge’s course through the Games’ site. It is $20 this year and allows you to take it every following year for free. We need people who have passed the judge’s course to judge during the Open WODS, that is the only way to have a valid score. If you are expecting someone to validate your score you should then be prepared to help validate someone else’s.
The judge’s course is also the best guide for knowing the the movement standards/ range of motion standards all athletes will be held to during the Open WODs. During the judge’s course they also cover gross faults in movement, which would constitute a “no rep”. Over the next several weeks I will post videos in an attempted to show movement that constitutes a “no rep” at a faster/ mid WOD competitive pace. As an athlete, performing the incorrect movement is usually not about attempting to cheat the standards but rather moving at an intensity that no longer supports the correct movement. As a judge it is important to place ourselves in a position to see the full movement and prepare ourselves to provide a “no rep” if necessary. “No repping” is not a bad thing, this can be an athlete’s guide to change their intensity so they can continue forward with the correct movement. The videos I intend to post are not meant to negate the judge’s course but rather work in conjunction with it and provide you with as much practice as possible seeing movement. 
Taking the judge’s course is just as beneficial to the athlete interested in competing. During the Open WODs we will do our best to brief you on the movement standards for each WOD. But rather then only rely on someone else to provide the information, plan on being prepared in advance. There is still 1 month before the first Open WOD, let’s say for example I never knew that for a toes to bar rep to count I had to have both of my toes touch the bar at the same time. This is information I will learn in the judge’s course. I now have quite a bit of time to work on my toes to bar and make sure they are up to the movement standard for competition. 
So go forth and judge. Click here to get to the briefing of the judge’s course. The link to the actual course will be at the bottom of the article. And while you are at the Game’s site, go ahead and sign up for the Open. Choose Verve as your team/ affiliate and let’s do this. 
This Saturday is the JumpNRope double under seminar from 2:30-4:30pm, the cost is $35 paid to JumpNRope. This is open to EVERYONE, so click here to register and get your DUs on.