Thursday 140227

For quality practice:
Handstand walk/static hold
Skin the cats

Then every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
15 sec Handstand hold
3 Power snatch at 50% of 1RM
Post times to comments and BTWB

Cynthia and Molly finishing up the deload week in Barbell Club.

You can pick your program, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your program’s nose. Wait, what?

So many of us have some form of program that we have chosen to follow with regards to our training. Whether that program is strength based, metabolic conditioning based, whether it runs for 4 weeks or as long as 16 weeks, we chose said program because it fit our personal goals. We examined our weaknesses and did some research, asked some questions, maybe even found someone to do the programming for us, in an effort to address those weaknesses. Addressing weakness and having a set program is an amazing way to keep us on track and keep ourselves accountable, here’s the deal though, when you pick it, you gotta stick it. When you pick a program to follow you owe it to yourself to follow the program through. It’s like taking antibiotics when you are sick, you may feel fine but guess what, you still have to finish the whole bottle of pills to see it’s full effects.

A program may incorporate things we don’t like. Well if we chose it for the purpose of working a weakness, then that’s a good thing. We can’t skip out on the days we don’t like, in fact quite the opposite. When I see a workout and think to myself  “oh man, I hate all of those things, this workout looks awful to me”, take one guess which workout I’m going to do. The things we attempt to avoid the most are the things we should tackle head on.

A program may include a deload week. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but take the deload week. Specifically strength programs include this week because the program itself is designed to push our strength limits in order to build. As I’ve said before we can only push ourselves for so long, a deload week is when we recover. Recovery is what continues to help build strength. I promise we will not suddenly become weak, useless beings during our deload week. Scout’s honor. 

A program may become boring, leaving us incredibly tempted to give up on it. Fight the urge, see it through till the end. At the end we may find we didn’t get what we need but if we end early we will certainly never know any better. Programs have ups and downs, but if every time we hit a down we quit when would we get to the ups, when would we see our progress? 

When picking a program, be it a Smolov cycle, an Olympic lifting cycle, the barbell club, etc., we first need to write down and examine our goals. Remember goals need to be positive, realistic, and with time frames. Think 3 mos out, 6 mos out, a year out. Based on these goals you can begin to pick the plan that will best suit you. At the end of the program ask yourself, did I get the gains I wanted, did I improve my weaknesses? If the answer is yes then proceed on. If the answer is no, seek out a new program. 

Lastly if our goal is to be happy and healthy, to get our sweat on, to enhance our physical activities that exist outside of Verve, to just feel like the strongest version of ourselves, then I know a great program we can sign up for. . . I’ll see you at Verve for the daily WOD. CrossFit is the best program I know. 


  1. Linda Kiker :

    Talk about working on your weaknesses! I love taking the BBC/oly classes.

  2. Rex :

    FYI, buy one get one free coconut water at sprouts this week. Stock up!

  3. Mike C :

    Thanks for the tip Rex

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