Thursday 140305

5 Rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
25 Burpees
Post times to comments and BTWB 

Wednesday night’s comp crew getting some shoulder to overhead work in.

Two Types of Muscle Growth By Chris Slaughter
Why is that 150 pound dude over there back squatting 400 and I weigh 200 pounds and can’t even do 300!?
I’ve asked myself this question more than once, and here’s a little bit of insight. I’ll preface this blog post by saying that these two “labels” of hypertrophy are not very well research documented. There have been very few “athletes” who are seriously training that have offered up their precious muscle tissue for biopsy and analysis. So some of the research is still in much debate.
Alright here we go: There are two types of muscle hypertrophy (growth) of tissue.

Muscle Cell


Sarcoplastic (or Colloquial): This is when the muscle fibers themselves grow bigger, encompass more volume; but has been shown to produce a poor, non-linear (capping mechanism) size to strength ratio. What this means is that at some point, when we increase muscle size we aren’t increasing strength, we’re just getting bigger. The muscles aren’t actually able to produce more force. This is the primary method of muscle hypertrophy for body builders.It’s important to note that the sarcoplasm is not able to actually induce force inside the muscle. It has no ability to do so. The sarcoplasm is kind of like the surrounding fluid of the muscle cells, it’s similar to the cytoplasm of say an organ cell. The speculated reason for an increased sarcoplasm in muscles is that it can hold more nutrients for the cell to run on. Think in bodybuilder workouts where sets of 15-20 are pretty common, and it’s going to be done over and over again for 6-10 sets on one isolated muscle.
Myofibrillar: this is when the muscle fibers (the myofibrils) become denser. The muscles themselves are filled with more mitrochondria, and the result is an in increase in the muscles ability to produce force. This is an adaptation which would be best exhibited by Olympic style lifters.Take for example some of the female lifters that are under 105 pounds (yea you read that right), the world record for that category is currently a 266 pound clean and jerk. It is pretty much impossible to get very big being only 105 pounds. This kind of muscle growth is mainly exhibited in higher-weight, lower-rep (1-5) sets. The cross sectional area of the myofibrils can increase quite drastically without getting much bigger in circumference. Area is a squared function, so for just a little increase in muscle diameter you get a big increase in strength.
I really appreciate the saying; strong is the new sexy. And I think the word “toned” is kind of a misnomer. What people mean by toned is they can see “some” muscle definition, and aren’t “bulky”. Toned generally involves doing light weight for sets of 20 or something, but as described above that is exactly how to make muscles bulky. The other thing is this doesn’t correlate to strength all that well, the best way to build strong muscles is by heavier sets of lower reps. When accompanied with a good diet, bam we are toned. Just like that. Whoa. Muscle Growth is now in our wheelhouse.


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