Thursday 140508

Hang snatch 5-5-5-5-5
Bench press 10-10-10
Strict pull-ups 10-10-10


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Eric using Chris and Nick as spotters during his back squat. Friends don’t let friends back squat 400 pounds alone.

Saturday’s in-house competition WODs


Workout #1
Pumped Up DT
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
12 Deadlift
9 Hang power clean
6 Push jerk


*Teams will have 2 bars, 1 male and 1 female. Weight will be set at 70% of the lightest female and male team members 1RM Jerk.  At 3-2-1 GO, first female athlete will leave the starting mat and complete one full round of DT, she will return to the starting mat and tag the first male. The male will complete a round and return to mat to tag second female. This will continue as many times a possible in 10 minutes.  Each athlete must complete an entire round of DT before the next team member can begin work.  The team must stay in the same order for the duration of the workout.  When scoring, partial rounds will be counted.


Workout #2
Jackie from last night
500m Row
25 Thrusters
15 Pull-ups


*The thruster weight will be 40% of each members’ 1RM Clean.  Each team will have one bar and will need to plan weight changes accordingly.  Team can go in any order they desire.  At 3-2-1 GO, first team member will go to rower and row 500 meters.  When they are done they will move to the thrusters and complete 25 reps. They will then move to the pull up structure and complete 15 pull ups, then they will move to the finish mat.  The next person in line can move to the rower once the team member in front of them completes their 500 meter row and will move through the workout as prescribed. This will continue until all team members have moved through the relay. No team member may move to the next station until the member in front of them is done at that station.  Once each member is done with their round, they must touch the finish mat before helping to change weight on the bar.  If all team members do not complete the work, there will be a 1 second per rep penalty for each rep not completed.
TIME CAP: 15 minutes


Workout #3
F1- 50 KB swings
F1- 400m Run
M1- 25 Deadlift
M1- 400m Run
F2- 400m Run
F2- 25 Deadlift
M2- 400m Run
M2- 50 KB swings


Deadlift weight will be set at 65% of 1RM. Kettlebell weight is as follows:

Workout #3 KB weight guide


*Team will have 1 bar and will set and change the weight accordingly.  At 3-2-1 GO, the first female will complete 50 kb swings. Once complete, she will run 400 meters, return, and tag the next male team member who will complete 25 deadlifts and run 400 meters.  He will return and tag the next female team member who will run 400 meters then complete 25 deadlifts.  She will tag the next male team member who will run 400 meters then complete 50 kb swings.  Time stops when last team member is on the mat.
PLEASE NOTE: Every time the kettlebell OR barbell is set down for rest, the entire team must complete 3 burpees per person. All team members must be finished with the burpees before KB/ barbell movement may be continued.


*As much as we love working out we also love cheering on others. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch the event. If you are interested in helping judge please email Anna ( There will also be raffle tickets for purchase, you can be entered to win gift cards to Jake’s, goodies from Progenex, SFH, and Reebok. 

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