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In teams of 3, complete the following for time:
60 x 50m sled sprints, 90#(70#)

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Lexi getting some gymnastics work in on our makeshift pommel horse.

Lexi getting some gymnastics work in on our makeshift pommel horse.


Verve is hosting an in house Non-Sanctioned Olympic Lifting Meet. #whatsupwiththat

Saturday August 2nd Verve will be hosting an oly meet starting at 2pm (no changes will be made to the regular Saturday class schedule). The cost is $10 per athlete, to register you simply need to email and hand over $10. The last day to register for the meet will be Monday July 28th @ 8pm.

So what does all of this mean? Specifically what is “Non-Sanctioned”? Non-Sanctioned means we will be getting our lift on in a less formal setting. The purpose is to introduce an athlete to USA Weightlifting style competitions in a more relaxed environment but with the some of the same International Weightlifting Federation rules to be followed.

  • Non-certified weights and bars are being used.
  • Competition will be conducted in kilograms.
  • One piece singlet not required.
  • Technical infractions, such as press-out, knee touch, bar oscillation will be noted and penalized with a “no-lift”.
  • Weigh-ins will be clothed and in kilograms.
  • Attempt time limits will not be rigidly enforced.

You will have three attempts to reach a 1RM snatch and three attempts to reach a 1RM clean & jerk. You will have to declare your weights, in kilograms, before lifting. The bar will be preloaded before you enter the platform. There are three judges watching each lift to determine if it is a good lift or an unsuccessful lift. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and third place. These prizes are based on the athlete with the highest Olympic Total in comparison to their bodyweight. The Sinclair Coefficient is used to find an athlete’s Total, the athlete’s sex is taken into account. So everyone will be competing against everyone.

Joylyn will be hosting a 30 minute clinic on Monday July 28th @ 7pm to help explain how to prep for an oly meet. How to choose and warm-up to your opening weight, how to choose the weight for your second and third lifts, and help answer any other questions you may have. There is some strategy to competing in an oly meet, come learn all about it.

Spectators are welcome. Come see some heavy lifting and join in the PR celebrations. If you would like to volunteer to help during the meet please email, the goal is to give every competing athlete their own water boy/ girl. I kid. Kind of.

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