Thursday 140828

As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
3 Squat cleans 155#(105#)
3 Shoulder to overhead 155#(105#)

Post times to comments and BTWB

Brad taking pause during his 100 mile backpacking excursion through the Teton Range to show us his skills.

Brad taking pause during his 100 mile backpacking excursion through the Teton Range to show us his skills.

A love note to Verve, from Brad. (I hope you don’t mind us calling it a love note but when we read it, we felt the love.)

“Here’s a little shout out to Verve and the exceptional coaching I’ve received over the past 18 months! This photo was taken at about mile 80 of a 100 mile / 9 day solo backpacking excursion through the Wind River Range and The Teton Crest Trail. My pistols need work, but the Teton Range (L to R is Grand, Middle, & Lower Teton) makes up in beauty what my pistol lacks!”

Thank you Brad. We love when you are here and your willingness to take our coaching. Happy to see it’s paying off.

It’s time to fight By Courtney Shepherd

Well on that note. Let’s talk more about achievements. Let’s talk about what it is we are willing to work hard for, willing to fight for. Anything good that’s worth having is worth fighting for, that includes PRs. But PRs don’t just come in 1 rep maxes or 3 rep maxes or heavy lifts. PRs exist in doing something you have never done before, it is your personal record in handstand push-ups, in running a full 400 meters without walking, in doing 15 reps at a weight that you had previously only done 10 reps at. As a trainer I have front row seats to PR-ville. During classes I see the drive and determination, I see the fight for those PRs. . . . sometimes. But sometimes I see that we are quick to quit on what we want. Sometimes I see us hit resistance and not attempt to push through, to not fight for that PR. 

Tony Blauer, of Blauer Tactical Systems, teaches CrossFit Defense and has an amazing way of relating CrossFit to life and vice versa. “If you understand the cycle of behavior, you are going to change how you approach workouts, people, conflict and confrontation.”

“The first place that you are hit in a real confrontation is your emotional system,” he says. “Everybody says, ‘I had a bad feeling, right?’ You must identify fear and then learn how to push through it,” Blauer adds.

We approach hard workouts the same way. We pick up a bar and we instantly tell ourselves, “this is heavy”, followed by, “this is hard, I don’t know if I can do this.” We have now started priming ourselves emotionally and mentally, and not in a good way. We are prepared to meet resistance, we’ve already talked ourselves up to it. And when we meet that resistance we’ve already given ourselves the okay to quit, to give up the fight before it’s even started.

“Everybody knows what they should do, but then they get this mental imprint or idea that doing that might be a problem, and so fear discourages us from being courageous. You gotta get in the fight and give yourself permission to win. It only starts there, you need to make shit happen now.”

I’m not encouraging pushing through pain. I’m not encouraging using positive mental thought to do something we truly are not physically capable of. What I’m encouraging is fighting for what you want. I’m encouraging getting a bar on your front rack, starting a heavy shoulder press, and once you hit that moment in the press when it becomes hard. . .  keep pressing. Fight. Tell yourself “this weight is not coming back down, I will get this over my head”, and press. If it takes you 10 seconds to complete the lift, guess what, at the end, you completed it. It’s easy to hit that rough spot and let that bar drop right back down to our shoulders. But taking the easy way out hasn’t trained us mentally or emotionally to overcome. The easy way doesn’t tell us what we are truly capable of. The easy way doesn’t get us that true rush of accomplishment and confidence and success. All it is, is easy. 

What we do in the gym transfers over to other aspects of life. Not just the physical act of fighting but mentally and emotionally fighting. Think about going into a job interview, telling yourself “I am ready for this,” and fighting for that job with your knowledge, skill, and confidence. There are people everyday being given news about a life changing medical condition. Now imagine sitting down, hearing bad news, and telling yourself, “I will beat this. I will put up the fight of my life, for my life.” Build your fight in the gym so that you are ready when life demands it. 

“The act of fighting back,” Blauer says, “is what saves most people.” I guess it’s time to fight. 

To read more about The Cycle of Behavior by Tony Blauer, click here.

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