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Death by Clean and Jerk, 135#(95#)
*With a continuously running clock do one Clean and Jerk the first minute, two Clean and Jerks the second minute, three Clean and Jerks the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

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Friends don’t let friends share bodily fluids at the gym.

We need to get real about hand care people. I mean really real. By Courtney “#whatsupwiththat” Shepherd

Too often we post pictures like the one above with a braggadocios status to follow. Some may even see this mangled scene as a right of passage in CrossFit, “first RXed pull-up WOD, tears and all”. NO MORE. This ends here.  This is not something we should be bragging about, but rather something we should be putting work in to prevent and avoid. We are rough on our hands in CrossFit but if we take a few simple steps throughout the week, we can avoid the blood bath mid WOD. This post is about prevention with regards to hand care, I will not get into scaling a WOD and technique, both of which would fall under the category of ways to prevent hand ripping. Perhaps in a later post.

If we look like this, we may be behind the eight ball. Time to catch up.


Go to your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. And go to the foot care aisle. I’m not talking about the orthopedics/ gel inserts aisle, I’m talking the mani/ pedi aisle. Go looking for the nail polish (sorry guys but that’s where the good stuff is at). It is in this aisle that you will locate two items of huge importance, 1) a pumice and 2) a callus shaver. Grab one of each and proceed to the check out counter.

The tools of the trade.


Put these new purchases to work. I have a preference for using these items while I am in the shower. I would suggest pumicing your hands EVERY TIME you shower. I would add using the callus shaver to shave the calluses that build across the top of your palm 1-2 times/ week. The shaving of your hands may be dependent on your activity level or even which WODs you have recently done or are coming up in the future. The key is to avoid the raising of the calluses. The bigger they get the more susceptible they are to ripping. We want to try and keep our hands smooth and even across the surface.

Before and After.


Let’s be honest though, rips/ tears happen. Then what? If they happen mid WOD, let’s call it good and proceed with a modification that allows us to keep working out without creating further damage. Then go back to your local Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. and go to the first aid aisle. Pick up a box of Blister Pads.

Blister Pads be da bomb.

Clean the torn area thoroughly. When it’s dry put a blister pad over the area. I like to do this at night, sleep in it, and keep it on as long as I can the whole next day. The problem is we use our hands a lot so realistically the blister pad may not stay on long, that’s okay. Doing this every night for several days will help tremendously in keeping the area moisturized without exposing it to dirt/ germs. You have to shelter it, like a small innocent child, from the harsh world around us. Throughout the day put Aquaphor or Vaseline, or something akin to these items, over the uncovered area to keep it from drying out. 

 I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about scaling or technique but I lied, I do that sometimes. Life can get crazy, kids, jobs, significant others. Maybe sometimes our personal hygiene becomes questionable and we are unable to shower/ shave our hands for an amount of time we are too ashamed to say. It’s cool, I get it. I’m with you. It’s always at this time that some silly Verve trainer programs a WOD with 120 pull-ups in it. We don’t want to skip a workout because our calluses are HUGE and hand tearing is imminent. What we can do is 120 ring rows or 60 strict pull-ups or some other modification that is still an equally amazing workout. Think about it this way, maybe we get through the 120 pull-up WOD but at what cost to our personal lives, our professional lives, and our training for the next  few days. Better to do 120 ring rows today, go home and clean  our business up, and WOD again tomorrow. 

*If you are newer to CrossFit or are newer to working on kipping pull-ups, kipping toes to bar, or any other kipping bar work, remember that volume is key. We can not go from having spent little to no time on a pull-up bar to trying to rep out 100 pull-ups in a WOD. It doesn’t matter how much we can physically do the work, our hands are not ready. They need to be introduced to the workload over time to build some toughness. 


  1. Charles :

    My climber friends (and now me) swear by this as well:

    I started using this during Maddie’s 40 minute row progression and this stuff was a life saver.

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