Thursday 141030

Establish 1RM of complex:
Clean pull + power clean + 2 split jerks

Then, every minute on the minute for 7 rounds:
5 Split jerks from rack at 60% of 2RM
20 Double-unders

Post loads to comments and BTWB

CrossFitters getting their groove on or being forced to do some awesome warm-up that looks good on film? Or is there a difference?

CrossFitters getting their groove on or being forced to do some awesome warm-up that looks good on film? Or is there a difference?


What in the world is Hotdogs and Cupcakes?

You mean other than a delicious snack? For those of you who have been with Verve greater than 6 months you may remember our Hotdogs and Cupcakes program. The name and the specialized programming took a bit of a hiatus when we made room for Verve Barbell Club. Well we are happy to announce it’s coming back, starting Monday November 3rd.

HD&CC was created by Matt Chan in around 2010 as a way for two buddies to share strength programming between themselves, forcing them both to work on their weaknesses. After over a year of blogging workouts back and forth to each other Matt decided to introduce the program to Verve, and anyone with a computer. The blogpost for HD&CC has continued providing programming over the last several months away from Verve’s schedule. The programming consists of a maximal effort lifting day on Monday and Friday. Tuesdays and Wednesday are dynamic effort lifting days when the two Olympic lifts are focused on. These dynamic days are lighter so the athlete may turn their attention to the technique of the lifts. Is it a strength program? Yes and no. Like Verve Barbell Club, you will spend the majority of the hour with a barbell in your hand, you will be doing various lifts, drills, and accessory work to not only build strength but also competency in the movements. Sound like something you would be interested in? First read the answers to many FAQ about the program before you decide.

1) Who can participate in HD&CC?

Any member of Verve who has been coming to the main WODs consistently for 6 months or greater. The reason behind this is this class is not taught but rather coached. It is not like the main WOD where all movements are reviewed before performing them. We need you to know and have a basic physical understanding of the 9 foundational movements, the 2 olympic lifts, and many gymnastics movements. An athlete needs to be able to move from task to task effectively with little guidance other than cueing and correcting of faults in movement.

If you are newer to CrossFit, don’t be disappointed. Use this as a driving force to get you to the main WODs, find consistency and comfort in the movements of the daily WODs. Hotdogs and Cupcakes will be around when you are ready.

2) What is the schedule for HD&CC and what kind of commitment do I need to make to it?

HD&CC will be Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday at 5pm. HD&CC has always been written in waves consisting of 3 weeks of hard work followed by 1 deload week. Each wave builds off the last. Your commitment should be to attend all 4 classes for all 4 waves. How else will you know if it is an effective form of training for you otherwise?

With that said, everyone hates deload week. It’s light and has decreased intensity. So athletes come for 3 weeks and then take the 4th week to attend the main WODs and just kill it. Then lovingly return back to the program on week 1 of the next wave. The deload week is written into the program for a reason, your body needs it. Deload week is deload week across the board, not just for HD&CC.

3) Should I be doing this instead of the WOD or before the WOD or after the WOD?

I will first say, when it comes to training you should listen to your body. If your body and your current level of training supports doing two WODs in one day then cool. But here are a list of my recommendations:
a- Monday and Friday are max effort days. These are the days I would not recommend doing the main WOD as well, it is a lot for your central nervous system and it will have a negative effect on your progress.
b- If you absolutely must do two workouts in one day then do the WOD in the morning and HD&CC at night, giving them hours of separation. Or do HD&CC first followed by the WOD.
c- Do not add in additional heavy lifting on the same days you are already heavy lifting. As I said before, this is a lot for your body to take, this is the quickest way to overtrain, get injured, and absolutely blunt your gains.

4) Can I hop in and out of HD&CC? You know like if I get to Verve and the WOD doesn’t look like something I want to do, can I just jump over to the HD&CC class?

Seriously? As much as I don’t want to have to answer this question because my hope is you already know the answer, here I go. . . you are a grown adult. You are in charge of making your own decisions. If you want to cherry pick a WOD and randomly stop in on a program that is progressive and builds off itself, be my guest. But that will not be how you see any benefit from the program. As long as you are cool with that, then so am I.

5) When should I start? What if in the middle of the 4 weeks I have a 2 week vacation, should I still start?

HD&CC builds off it’s last wave during the next wave. It is best to start on Wave 1, Day 1. However, I will refer you to my previous FAQ and answer. If you start in the middle of the program or miss half of the program due to life obligations, we will not stone you. You just simply won’t see the full benefits from doing it consistently from start to finish.

I’m certain there are more questions out there about the program. Please feel free to ask in the comments and I will be responding throughout the day. You can also go to the HD&CC blogpost and scroll through the last several years of programming to see what goes on. Click here for a direct link to the site.


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