Thursday 141225

For time:
Legless rope climbs, 15′
GHD sit ups

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Merry, merry to everyone!!!

Merry, merry to everyone!!!


Tis the season to be merry. . . . 

Merry Christmas Verve family!!! While I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, I wish you all a wonderful day spent with family and friends. Today I do not choose to share any factoids about lifting weights, the right way to lift weights, or how to recover from lifting weights. But rather today I choose to spread a little holiday joy and cheer. My favorite kind of joy and cheer comes in the form of laughter. And one of my favorite go to’s for some laughter is funny things kids say. So for your blogging enjoyment today, here are the funniest things kids have asked Santa:

“I know I behaved really badly this year, but I promise to behave much better next year – so will it be okay if you still come and visit me with presents?”

“Do you just have the one set of clothes? Who washes them for you? My mum can do it if you don’t have a Mum of your own?”

“Can Mrs Santa come instead? I’m very sorry but I’m scared of you!”

“Could you make me prettier than my best friend? That’s the only present I would like.”

“Do you have to clean up Rudolph’s poo poos? My Dad uses a bag when our dog poo poos – do you have bags?”

“If I wake up please don’t go away without leaving presents – you made a lot of noise last year and I couldn’t help it, I heard and my eyes just kind of opened! But you left nice presents. Please can you do the same again even if my eyes open up?”

“Don’t worry if Jack our dog barks! He doesn’t mean to be bad. Making a bark is just what dogs do. So please leave the presents anyway. If you are very, very scared to come in if Jack barks then could you just leave the presents outside?

“I said to my Dad to put paper down for your muddy boots so that Mummy will not get cross about the dirt on the carpet.”

Happy Holidays everyone, may your days be merry, bright, and full of laughter!!


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