Five rounds for time:

30 Waiter carry lunges, 16kg (12kg)

30 Kettlebell snatches, 16kg (12kg)

30 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.


Victoria finishing "Murph" during her first month here at Verve, way to go Victoria.

What's great about CrossFit?  Is it the ability to get an unbelievable workout in under an hour?  Is it the comraderie you'll find in every WOD regardless of time, number of athletes, or difference in athlete's ages?  Do you like being coached through your workouts day in and day out?  Or do you simply love the feeling of being sore after (or should I say two days after) a WOD?

Some people that walk into the doors at CrossFit Verve have that look on their face – you know, absolute elation that something like this exists.  Others walk in from other gyms for a visit while they are on vacation or visiting family.  These people have something in common – something more than just wanting a good workout.  It takes a special breed of person to want to spend 5 to 30 minutes being punished for personal betterment.

Do you know someone that you think has the itch that needs a scratchin'?  Send them our way and take advantage of our referral program.  Members that refer a friend that signs up for a monthly membership receive 50% their next month's membership.  Share CrossFit with a friend and potentially change their life for the better.



  1. Alan :

    Ok guys, Anna and I are sitting here looking at some houses to rent in the Aromas area. We currently have Me, Anna, Matt, Cherie, Tiff, Gerson, and Tim ALL GOING TO CALIFORNIA! If anyone else is interested, please let me or Anna know. We have talked to several realty companies and we are trying to find that middle of the road with distance to games, size of house, and price of house. Just a brief catch-up…we were thinking house over hotel due to size of group, and being able to cook for each meal instead of eating out. Right now the best thing we have found is about 20 mins outside of Aromas…Sleeps 10, and is about $475 a night. That would give us room for a few more if we get more interested. (not to mention it is right across the street from the beach, and has a fire pit out back!) Right now with 7 of us, we are looking at $70 a night each. We were thinking of flying in on Thursday, and out on Monday. That would put us there in the house for 4 nights. Anyone wanting to stay extra nights could either do a hotel, or camping. Please let me know what you guys are thinking. Also if ANYONE else wants to go, please let us know! We plan on booking a house this weekend. We would like to get a deposit from everyone that is going. We can discuss more particulars this weekend.

  2. Alan :

    PS…Victoria YOU ROCK!!!! Way to go doing that “Joke”…I mean…Murph!

  3. AmySchaeffer :

    I want to go and watch regionals. Is anyone else
    Going to be a spectator? I will have to go late because I have my last final at 9 am but if I am the only crazy in the spectator section I’ll deal

  4. cherie :

    Anyone want to go with me on Friday to preregister from 5-830pm at FRCF. The earlier you register the later you go in your heat.
    Happy B-day Sean

  5. Joylyn :

    Cherie — Mas, Emmalee, and I all were planning on going on Friday, but the whole later heat idea is just a bonus! Let us know when you are heading over and we can join you for a coffee break.
    Victoria–Awesome job doing Murph! Can’t wait to work out with you!

  6. tony :

    14:40 at the fire station.

  7. Tiff :

    zac-sweet cookie yesterday….my abs are sore!
    alan and anna-thanks for doing the leg work on the place, really looking forward to it!!! and the house sounds AMAZING…has anyone found good flights?

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