Thursday 150101

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 Strict pull-ups
8 Box jumps, 30″(24″)
12 Kettlebell swings, 32kg(24kg)

Post rounds to comments and BTWB

Row coach Maddie just dropping some row knowledge bombs and possibly some jive beats.

Row coach Maddie just dropping some row knowledge bombs and possibly some jive beats.


Happy New Year!! The sweet, sweet ramblings of Courtney Shepherd. The sweet, sweet AND very important ramblings. 

We are ready to get 2015 started off right. We’re not talking about resolutions to lose weight, or stop eating sugar for a month, or not cussing any more. I mean seriously, who the f@%k gives up cussing any way? We are talking about starting the year off with good personal habits that will guide us throughout 2015. Starting January 7th Verve is kicking off it’s “Change your habits, change your life” Challenge. This 5 week long challenge is just that, a challenge for you to find those habits which you need to change or create and do it. Losing weight is not a habit. But buying whole foods, prepping and cooking them to create healthy meals ahead of time is a habit which will help lead to the weight loss you seek. Maybe the habit you want to create is no cell phones after 7pm, perhaps you are interested in removing your night time cocktail from your daily routine and instead going for just 3 nights per week only. These are all good habits and more. And what better way to be accountable for working on these habits then by having an accountability buddy, an “accountabilibuddy”, to answer to every week? So that’s it, that’s all you need to get 2015 started on the right foot, a couple of nasty habits that need be broken and a person to fess up to when you do or do not break them. When you find said person, get yourselves signed up on the sheet at the front counter and let’s get this party started. 

To officially get this party started though, we will be hosting two meetings, 1) January 2nd @ 7pm, and 2) January 5th @ 7pm. These meetings are to fill in any gaps with what this challenge is all about, talk about the habits or changes we want to make, and how to go about making them, and lastly we will dive briefly into the paleo/ zone diet should nutrition be a part of any of your habits. You only need to attend one of the two meetings, if by chance you can’t try to at least make sure your buddy does and they will fill you in. If you don’t have a buddy yet, sign up anyway, we’ll get you taken care of. 

Please remember the Body Fat Truck will be here all day January 7th, click here to get signed up for a time to get dunked. 

You may also have noticed that Verve has been hosting Level 1 Seminars fairly regularly. During some, but not all, of these seminars we are fortunate enough to be able to send Verve’s athletes in a scholarship spot. If you have found yourself interested in attending one please email AND with a short essay answering these two questions:

1) Why do you want to take the Level 1 Seminar?
2) What do you plan to do with your Level 1 once you have it?

Please note that sending an email of interest does not guarantee a scholarship spot. Eric and I choose the spots based on the needs of Verve, it is not based on seniority or time as a member of Verve. Please feel free to email us with any additional questions you may have. 

Lastly get ready for us to shake up the whiteboard. Starting January 8th it is “No RX January”. What better way to focus on your own goals then to see a workout with no RX weights. Now is the time to focus on our own mechanics, consistency, and intensity. Don’t fret my pet, all the coaches will be fully informed and prepared to guide you through the workouts so that you may continue to get the most out of them. 

So that’s it. Now let’s go out there and kick 2015 in the teeth!! I mean that in a totally wholesome and productive way, I’m not necessarily condoning violence. 



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