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4 Rounds for time of:
25 Hip extensions
Run 400m

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8am Sunday morning Yoga at Verve with Molly and Kacey. . . it's clearly the place to be.

8am Sunday morning Yoga at Verve with Molly and Kacey. . . it’s clearly the place to be.


21 Habits You Need to Break to be a Better CrossFitter– By BOXLife Magazine and brought to you by Robyn Kunick-Bosch

I recently had a lot of time to read, peruse the interwebs and think. I’m talking lots of time and lots of thinking! Following the Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Challenge here at Verve, I came across this article. Right off the bat I read habitual behavior usually goes unnoticed in the person doing it. Because of this, breaking a bad habit can be all the more difficult. Sometimes it takes a little help from friends and family to see bad habits you might have formed, if you are unable to identify them in yourself.

The article shows 21 bad habits that could be keeping you from becoming a better CrossFitter. We all want to be better CrossFitters or else why would we do this, and according to Reebok’s new commercial (which I love) better humans, maybe not all of us have the same goals, but we do have goals!

I have picked out the few that resonated the most with me. Click here to check out the full article to see what hits home for you.

1) Placing too much focus on others

“Focusing on others instead of yourself can impact your performance in many ways. For one, there is no use in wasting energy getting down on yourself when another athlete does well on a movement you struggle with. Everyone has weaknesses and everyone has strengths. What’s important is that you feel good about YOU during the WOD. Ya dig?”

After completing no RX January, I was thinking that month was one of the most fun to coach because there was less whiteboard gazing and athletes trying to beat other athletes’ times. It was more fun as an athlete because everyone was completing WOD’s completely to their ability and skill level; insert thumbs up, fist bumps, chest bumps and high 5’s as the famous Luke Palmisano used to say!

2) Thinking that nutrition doesn’t translate to performance

“Oh grasshopper, it does. It so does. If your performance is not where you think it should be and you’re doing everything else right at the box—mobility, focusing on technique, attending class regularly—take a look at what you’re feeding your body, chances are some improvements could be made in that area.”

Are you surprised that this is in my top choices from the article, because you shouldn’t be. I’m a huge proponent with what we fuel our body. I love to follow a Paleo/Zone Diet, others follow modified versions of each, while some don’t follow a ‘diet’ or way of eating at all, like Clancy…he eats like 16 cookies everyday or so he tells people. We are all adults and know how fuel affects our performance. The more real, whole food and less crap we put into our body, the better our engine runs, thus better performances, and who doesn’t love to leave a WOD feeling like you’ve kicked your own ass! (At a workout, not literally people, this isn’t the movies).

3) Warming up poorly

A good warm-up should get blood flowing to your muscles and joints, provide a foundation for the movements to come in the WOD and provide you with an opportunity to focus on your goals for the class. If you’re half-assing the warm-up and talking throughout, how prepped—both physically and mentally—do you think you’re going to be?

I chose this habit because I am at fault with this, especially if it’s open gym or I am going to WOD by myself. I know it’s bad, I know I feel better during WOD’s when I’m plenty warm, but gosh darn-it sometimes I just need a little nudging reminder to take my warm-ups seriously.

Seriously go read the entire list of habits that will make you a better crossfitter, it’s totally worth your time.



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