Thursday 150226

Gymnastics Skills Day:
Rope climbs
Handstand walking
Double unders

Then EMOM for 21 minutes, alternating exercises:
Minute 1- 1 legless rope climb
Minute 2- 10 meter handstand walk
Minute 3- 50 double unders

Post accomplishments to comments and BTWB

Kacey Kingry is the other half of our dynamic yoga duo.

Kacey Kingry is the other half of our dynamic yoga duo.


Who’s got two thumbs and loves the frog pose? Kinda this girl. . . that frog pose is hard. 

Verve is excited to introduce you to Kacey Kingry. Verve member and the other half of our amazing team yogi. Kacey and Molly have joined forces to bring their vast yoga knowledge and experience to Verve on Sunday mornings at 8am. Kacey not only brings her yoga background to us but if you have ever met her, you know she also brings her awesome enthusiasm for life, health, and internal happiness. 

Do you ever feel like all of the accumulated experiences in your life bring you to a specific point where everything comes together? That’s how I feel in this moment.

I began teaching Group Exercise as a freshman in college. I’ve taught step aerobics, spinning, BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyFlow, sculpting, toning, flowing, blah blah blah, you name it. About five years ago I got burnt out on the whole thing, and turned to yoga. In that season of my life, I was looking for healing, grounding, peace, and restoration; and I found it on my yoga mat.

In yoga, I found a place where I could exercise my body in a new way, and simultaneously open myself up to the goodness of life. Yoga is all about taking experiences in the physical body, lessons you learn about yourself while moving on the mat, and translating those lessons out into the world. In the stretch and the breath, we find a little more patience, a little more forgiveness, maybe even a little more risk taking, strength, and excitement. And physically speaking, I know from my own body’s story that whatever my goals are – to get stronger, leaner, or faster – that my body responds more quickly and easily when my muscles are pliable and forgiving. Yoga has helped to make both my body and my spirit better.

Coming to Verve a year ago ignited a passion inside of me that I honestly didn’t know existed. Moving powerfully, dynamically, and fiercely, learning new skills, and picking things up that I haven’t done since I was in junior high school, all of that, like yoga, has challenged me. And like yoga, CrossFit experiences translate into how we live our lives. “We expand and blur the margins of experience, so when life gets difficult we know that we have been here before, and we have something to hold on to. We can succeed instead of fail.” (Life lessons by David Tittle).

I Yoga and CrossFit actually have more in common than you might think, and in my opinion they complement one another perfectly. I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring the blessings yoga has brought to my life into yours. Let’s throw some heavy s#@t around, then hop on our mats and do the opposite. Can’t wait!”

Kacey Kingry

Again, we at Verve could not be more excited to have these two amazingly wonderful, and strong women bring this new opportunity to Verve. Go out and get yourself a yoga mat, get signed up for class on MBO, and get ready to give your body and mind the TLC it deserves.


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    Love that girl

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