Thursday 150416

Back squat

Then, 5 good mornings + 5 reverse stepping lunges per leg x 3 sets @ 50% of 5RM
Rest 2 minutes between sets

Post loads to comments and BTWB

Glute bridges are fun for the whole family!!! And not awkward at all.

Glute bridges are fun for the whole family!!! And not awkward at all.


It’s been 3 weeks since the completion of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open. In that time we’ve had a lot of questions about Team Verve. How did we do? Are we going to Regionals? Who is on the team?

Well let’s start off with who is on the team. Along with the 5 Open WODs, every Tuesday we had a special workout written to be used as a Regional team qualifier. Any athlete interested in being on the team had to submit a score for all 10 workouts. Based on the ranking of those workouts we put together #teamverve. We are excited to say our team Verve representatives are:

Trey Kubacak
Matt Schmidt
Nate Rader
Eric Clancy

Elizabeth “Lillie” Glaws
Anna Mattson
Courtney Shepherd
Nicole Hall

Team Verve ended the Open in 20th place. For now. Regionals is a little different this year. Several regions are being combined together before the start of Regionals. Our region, the Southwest region, will combine with the South Central region and the Latin America region. Together we make up the South Regionals. The top 20 men, top 20 women, and top 15 teams from each region will be invited to compete at the Regional level. Now currently Verve is outside of this invite list, however the towel has not been completely thrown in yet. As individual athletes accept their invite to Regionals, any score they contributed to their teams during the Open will be removed. As these scores are removed, there is a shift in the team standings

Starting today those shifts have begun. The dead line to accept or decline an invite to Regionals is at the end of the week. It is then that we will have a final answer as to whether or not Verve will be sending a team to Regionals. 

We are super proud of how well Verve did during the Open. We had some amazing displays of athleticism, some fun competitive banter (aka s@#t talking), huge firsts and PRs, and an overall sense of accomplishment and progress. We are fitter than yesterday. Our hope is that, when all the dust settles, our hard work will pay off with a seat at Regionals.  However, if it doesn’t, our plan is to train on. To make team Verve even stronger for a badass 2016 comeback.  

Team Verve is currently in training, getting prepared for whatever comes our way. We will be ready to represent Verve and it’s community this year and next. While we wait make sure to high five those that competed in the Open. It’s an amazing, and often humbling experience. To get through it takes more mental strength than physical at times. Everyone who signed up and took on each workout every week deserves a congratulations. To those that fought even harder for a place on the team, another round of high fives. It is an amazing thing to love your community so much that there is a desire to represent them. To fight for them, sweat for them, and endure pain for them. Thank you for your dedication to showing how great our gym is. 

Lastly, we do have 1 athlete getting ready to fight the good fight and earn a spot at the CrossFit Games. Jim Duwve will be competing in the Masters Qualifiers next week. He will have 4 days to complete 4 WODs. He will be competing against 200 other gentlemen for a shot at a top 20 spot. You may see him in the gym doing these workouts and video taping them, if you do, give him a shout out. We are rooting for you Duwve!!

Congratulations again to all of #teamverve. The 2015 Open did not disappoint. Even if you sit back and think, “I did not do as well as I would have liked”, that just means a fire has been lit, a spark ignited, to give 2016 some hell. Here we come.



  1. Pottsie :

    I see the 11am Sunday classes are either gone from the schedule entirely (this weekend) or cancelled for the near future. Is this a permanent change?

  2. Pottsie :

    Fine! Be efficient. 😉

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