Thursday 150611

Front Squat

Then 3 rounds, on the 2 minute:
10 Alternating single leg step ups with 40% of 3 RM to 20″ box

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1st Annual Front Range CrossFit "Do More Charity Challenge", October 3-4th, 2015

1st Annual Front Range CrossFit “Do More Charity Challenge”, October 3-4th, 2015


What’s that you say? Another opportunity to put my hard earned CrossFit skills to use in a competition? So much more room for so many activities.

Front Range CrossFit is hosting the 1st annual Do More Charity Challenge October 3-4th, 2015. You may have already seen some flyers hanging around Verve about it. The goal of this blog post is to provide a bit more clarity on the challenge and to get you guys excited to participate in it. While it is a team competition, a huge part of this challenge is raising money for a charity of your team’s choice. 

The Team:
The team needs to consist of 6 people (3 men, 3 women) with a combined age of AT LEAST 225 years. That is an average age of 37.5 years. Now, instantly some of you may be slightly concerned about how to make this happen, that’s where a better understanding of WHO can make up your team comes into play. 

Each team will need to have: a) At least 1 male and 1 female that can do all the movements that showed up in the 2015 Open’s RX division. This includes muscle-ups, HSPUs, chest to bar pull-ups, etc. b) At least 1 male and 1 female that can perform most CrossFit movements/ basic gymnastics, i.e. chin over the bar pull-ups. A good idea would be an athlete that can do most WODs RX. c) 1 male and 1 female that can row, burpee, jump, deadlift, and carry objects. Simply put, the team does not need to be made up of all the best CrossFit athletes you know. The team can have your best friend, who doesn’t do CrossFit but is a triathlete, on it. The team can have your wife, who is not a member of Verve but regularly runs 5ks, on it. Your power lifting friend, the former collegiate rower, you name it. You can pull your teammates from anywhere you wish, this is a competition where the best CrossFit athlete may not actually be the make it or break it member of your team. 

The Workouts:
There will be 8 scored events with 7 of those events being workouts over the weekend. The 8th event is actually how much money your team raised for your charity. Of the 7 workouts there will be 3 x 2 person events, 2 x 4 person events, and 2 x 6 person events. Everyone on the team will compete in 4-5 events over the weekend. In the 6 person events, they have been designed so that everyone, no matter the skill level, will have to do work. . . and not just a few reps either, a lot of work. 

The Charity:
Each team gets to pick a charity they want to compete on behalf of. So, for example, your team chooses to compete on behalf of The Denver Dumb Friend’s League. Prior to the actual event, your team will be working to raise money, all of which (no matter how you place in the competition) will go to DDFL. How much money you raise is a scored event, so if you raise the most money, that’s a first place score before you even broke a sweat. At the completion of the event, 1st through 10th place finishing teams will be awarded prize money that goes directly to their charity. The opportunity to raise a good chunk of money for something you believe very strongly in exists. Charities need to be registered at

How To Register:
You can go to (click here), to register your team and your charity. Team registration costs are $600. Verve will be putting $600 towards this event, so if enough of you get together and form more than 1 team, we will simply divide the money between all interested teams, team members can cover the balance. 

If you need more information you can read the flyers posted in Verve or feel free to email me, There is no reason we can’t get at least 1 team registered for such a cool event and a great opportunity to workout for something greater than ourselves. 


We have 2 swim WODs this weekend, Saturday June 13th, at The Glenarm Rec Center, @ 9:30am and 10:30am. If you can get in a pool and get from one end to the other without the assistance of the wall or the lane line (or a lifeguard), you can come. You do not have to be the best swimmer, we will warm-up with technique work, and finish off with a workout that involves you getting in and out of the pool. Sign up on MBO. 

This is the last week of our 4 day/ week Oly cycle. Next week class will be held on Monday (snatch 1RM test) and Thursday (c&j 1RM test) only. There will be no specialty classes the week of June 22nd-26th. Starting Monday June 29th we will begin a 6 week Hotdogs & Cupcakes powerlifitng cycle. This is only 3 days/ week, M/T/Th @ 5pm. Stay tuned for more info about this cycle in next week’s blog. 

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