Thursday 150827

Take 20 Minutes to establish a 3 rep max back squat

Then, 3 x 8 reps @ 50% of 3 rep max:
Bottoms up back squats with 3 second negative down to reset on j-cups. Come to a complete stop before starting next rep.

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Ryan and Gabi showing off their sweet canteens at the finish line of the O2X Summit Challenge.

Ryan and Gabi showing off their sweet canteens at the finish line of the O2X Summit Challenge.


Hey, you just need to simmer down. By Courtney “I’m always cool” Shepherd and John Casteele from

Recently we have made a point to send athletes off on a cool down journey post WOD. During which time you may have heard me mention that the goal of such a journey is to allow your heart rate to come down while you are moving. Perhaps some of you thought we were being torturous in putting you back on a rower immediately after finishing a rowing workout. We promise it’s not for our evil enjoyment, there is actual science and a method behind the madness. 

In an article titled “How to Get Rid of Excess Lactic Acid in Muscles” by John Casteele, the author explains that science. . . you know, so you will believe me.

During exercise and other strenuous activity, lactic acid is produced as a byproduct of the process that the body uses to create energy. Long thought to be detrimental, lactic acid is now understood to be a temporary energy source that the body uses when there isn’t enough oxygen in the blood for standard energy production. Lactic acid does create an acidic environment in the muscles when it builds up, however, and the body can take up to an hour or longer to remove it naturally. It’s possible to speed the removal process with gentle exercise.

Exercise or perform other strenuous activity until you feel that you can no longer keep going and your muscles become tired. The body will burn some lactic acid to produce energy during this period, typically sustaining itself for several minutes before it can no longer produce enough energy to maintain the current needs of the muscles. Your body will produce lactic acid during this exercise, but as you continue to push yourself to this point, each time you exercise your body will begin to adapt to the stress of your activities as well. Over time, this will result in a more efficient use of oxygen during exercise, a faster lactic acid burn rate and a greater overall tolerance to lactic acid buildup.

Cool down through exercise instead of simply stopping once you reach the point that you’re too tired to continue your previous activity. Use light, continuous exercises such as walking for five to 10 minutes to allow your body temperature, breathing and heart rate to return to normal. The continued contractions of your muscles during the cooldown period will regulate blood circulation as well, preventing blood from pooling in the muscles and allowing fresh blood to flush out lactic acid and muscle-waste products.

Perform static stretching exercises for five to 10 minutes after you’ve completed your primary cooldown exercises, holding each stretch for at least 10 seconds. This will continue working your muscles to flush out additional lactic acid and may also improve your overall flexibility while reducing your likelihood of suffering a sports-related injury.

Drink water and eat easy-to-digest foods that are high in nutrients such as fruits or protein bars once you’ve completed your cooldown exercises and stretching. This helps to ensure that you’re not dehydrated, providing your body with the fluids it needs to continue flushing lactic acid from your muscles. The nutrition and protein that you take in will also help with the healing and recovery of your muscles after exercise.”

We don’t always finish workouts at the same time and, depending on the workout, we may even get finished right at the end of class. Some of you have to head straight to work from the gym but I would encourage everyone to try their best to cool down and do some post WOD stretching before heading out the door. Follow up that cool down with water and a post WOD meal. Improved recovery makes for happy returns to the gym. 

*This weekend Verve is closed for a seminar. We will host a 7am WOD Saturday and Sunday morning only. Have no fear, there is plenty of good times to be had outside the gym:

-Saturday is Gym.Tan.Beach Post WOD Party at the Rino Beach Club, from 11am-4pm. The party will start with a 10am WOD on the beach led by Verve’s very own Maddie and Anna. Stick around to get your party on after. 

-Sunday is stand up paddle boarding in Evergreen from 8am-10am, for those of you that signed up in advance. 

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