Thursday 151001

Take 20 minutes to establish 1RM clean & jerk

Rest 5 minutes

Then, as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:
5 Hang power clean & jerk @ 65% of today’s 1RM
5 Bar facing burpees

Post loads to comments and BTWB

Andrew Schwiesow and his family.

Andrew Schwiesow and his family.

The Andy Schwiesow memory WOD

This Saturday we will be hosting a memorial WOD in honor of one of Verve’s members who unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. Andy Schwiesow had been a member of Verve since April 2011. He regularly came to classes, with his most favorite being the barbell focused specialty classes. And his most, most favorite being the classes focused on the Olympic lifts. Here is his workout:

4 Rounds for time:
21 Calorie row
11 Power clean, 85#
28 Wallball shots, 20#
8 Power snatch, 85#

Andy’s first workout as a member of Verve was 4-21-11 and Andy’s birthday is 8-28-85. A workout built for a tall man with an enjoyment for throwing around a barbell. I am posting this early because I understand many who would like to join us on Saturday may not be able to. If you perform this workout, please let me know, and if you can send a picture. His family will love to know everyone that gets involved. 

Andy’s family will be here on Saturday watching those who participate during each class. Following the 11am class we will roll out some beers, toast and share in some great stories. Andy’s family will also have a guest book they would like participants to sign. 

Any and all are welcome to join. Even anyone that has not done a CrossFit workout before. We can absolutely scale/ modify this workout to allow you to participate. We will not be asking for any drop in fees, rather we will ask that you simply donate to the scholarship fund that has been created for Andy’s children Bella (3) and Charlie (1). Donations can be made out to LUMC and in the memo line it needs to state “Bella and Charlie Schwiesow fund”. We will also take cash donations. 

We will also ask that you please go to Verve’s schedule page (click here) to sign up for a class on MBO, this will give us an idea how many people will be attending classes so we may plan accordingly. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me, We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


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