Five rounds for time:

400m Run 

30 Box jumps 24" (20")

30 Wall balls 20# (15#)

Post time to comments.

015 (2) 

Has anybody see this girl?  She has been kidnapped by her job.

Paleo Challenge is over this weekend and everyone is excited for an excuse to let the hair down.  Amy has mentioned a pinata, Jared mentioned binging, any other ideas out there?  Make sure that you get your measurements and photos taken this week.  We would like to have the contest wrapped up and shipped out by Monday, so that we can announce the winner ASAP.  

A quick congrats to all those who have recently finished their Elements.  We are excited to have you joining the group WOD's. 


  1. tiffany :

    i have some special time scheduled with ben and jerry after the photo shoot. mmmmmmm…things are gonna get crazy!!! =)
    but paleo zone and i are in it for the long haul…i’ve grown to adore it, even after the first couple of rough wks!
    i am ready to add cheating into the mix tho…makes the social part a bit nicer when i’m not spending all my time calculating blocks and figuring out what to order… 😉 my friends all think i’m crazy. but now that they’re seeing results, they are starting to talk about jumping on the crossfit bandwagon! (strangely…lol…, they still are resistant to the diet…which is where the results are coming from).
    so excited to see the before and afters of everyone. the changes don’t seem as drastic when you see each other often. but i’m sure over 7 wks, everyone has made amazing changes.
    matt and cherie….are you guys going to post up the before and afters so we can celebrate everyone who participated?

  2. Matt :

    We aren’t going to post everyone’s photos, just the top three.
    I have to agree with Tiff, the paleo/zone with a couple of modifications is the way to go. A cheat day a week to keep you sane and you’ve got a recipe for good eatin’ while keeping your hormones in check. Long haul for sure.
    Joei, Tim Martin… where have you been?

  3. Jen :

    I think Luke is trying to kill us this week!! No rest for the wicked!!

  4. Sara Weisbart :

    This article was posted on the Crossfit Boston website, thought I would share it with all of you. Pretty interesting! Gives me the same “AHA” feeling that I get from Paleo- but about running shoes.
    Going to get my measurements and photos taken at CB today! Congratulations everyone!!! Can’t wait to see everyone when I get home. I’m also going to make a special stop and the grocery store to pick up some dark chocolate for Saturday!!! yum.

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